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July 09, 2007



Evelyn, your blog is a rare gift, and a source of inspiration - thank you. You'd already know about the 'source of inspiration' part if trackbacks were working here! The most recent example would be this post on I Ching hexagram 18. I've a feeling the sixth line of that one, as the energy moves out of the realm of 'corruption' and dealing with it, carries much the same message as this quotation.

with thanks,

Sumati Talveer

I don't get it. Over the years I was inundated with new Age cosmic beliefs, thinking I was greater than thou. Greater than those clueless Christians that go to Church on Sundays. But many seem happier. I am miserable with New Age thought, beliefs, thinking.....Call it a sell-out. But Chrisitianity has manifested in the evolution of Western Civilization, and if it weren't for that, we'd be living like Ghandi or Al Queda.

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