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January 06, 2005


dick shavo

there is no doubt about islam, god still protecting his mosque,

everybody out there!!

open your eyes,open your mind and open your heart.
be honest to see this reality!!
i just speak about the reality,i have one question!!if jesus is a GOD,why he becoming a prayer before he died.

"father into your hand i commend my spirit,why have you forsaken me"

GOD die!is imposible,GOD pray to another GOD(father)?from GOD to GOD but not similar(that's trinity said)

i very confused about this...............

so i decide to read quran in al ikhlash chapter, you'll see
there is only one GOD,he dont has a son,there is no one who likes him

now i believe than only one GOD,and muhammad is the prophet of GOD



let me say just one thing.This is the proof that Allah is the most powerful!If He wasn't explain to me why is the mosque still standing?if u answered 'cos they built it with the hardest rock' then you are just making an excuse.

If you are islamic,carry on with your religion and never say that Allah is not fair because once you fail,you will suceed in the future.

If you say 'i will never die!' that is pathetic because everyone dies,look at animals,some of them are extinct, and no,i am not saying that you are animals but we have a simalarity and that is,animals and humans are Allah's creation

Before it's too late,change.I am not forcing you in anyway,i just want to make Islam a religion which everyone should follow.REPENT.Think be4 u act!

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