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June 10, 2005


Steve Rhodes

NPR has done some projects a bit like this. The National Story Project

And some parts of Lost & Found Sound

Also, Storycorps

Charles W. "Butchie" Olmstead

Mine was among the 10 autobiographical submissions to the 1970 Rolling Stone "Experiment in Participitory Journalism" which were selected from the entries. In 1977 Rolling Stone Magazine presented a 10th Anniversary TV Special via CBS in November of that year- in which my 1970 autobio about my service, and moreso my return from Vietnam was portrayed in monolog by Martin Sheen, with intro by Sissy Spacek. I was flown to L.A. for 3 days where I worked with Sheen in re-writing my Vietnam war autobio for monolog-TV format. To my own chagrin I am unable to recall the title of my story and have never been able to locate a copy or back-issue ( 1970 ) of the Rolling Stone Magazine that contained my Vietnam story. If anyone might know how I might locate that copy or back-issue it would surely be appreciated! If any help- a photo of myself ( in wheelchair ) and playing flute with a band I was in at the time was actually the cover of that "participitory journalism" issue. One remarkable ( if not now humorously predictable )memory attached was that one of the other 9 autobio's chosen along with my own had to do with a then timely and emblematic "hippie" commune wherein its collective members enjoyed warm bowls of the stewed placenta which accompanied the birth of a most recent communal love-child. Ahhh ( shudder ) those summers of love!


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