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May 02, 2005


Eric Rice

Heh, I didn't know I was a "marketer". I'm betting CC and Bzz will separate this week. The Hive battling the Hive...

Evelyn Rodriguez

Eric, it's all relative. Yeah, you know a great deal about marketing. Anyway, I'm betting that folks will give the discussion more than a week to hash out constructively (see new post 5/3/05 on Crossroads Dispatches). Takes a few days just to get tempers to simmer down. Authentic conversations aren't reactive - but they are consciously responsive.

Kelly Hulme

Evelyn - thanks for the excellent overview. Its tough for either 'side' (however you want to define 'side'...we're all in this for the same help spread and keep improving Creative Commons) to take a step back; a third party perspective is really valuable.


Grassroots Marketing

Sadly, conversational spam does exist. In some cases companies will hire people to attend clubs just to promote their product.

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