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Doaa Akram

"Shake me and you'll get no ringing [of pennies]" a translation of a saying from my world. I have to say i am pretty much in the same place as you, and have been meditating on that secret code.
I've been doing wonderful with manifesting mental things, such as information. But not much luck with MONEY. I started with my images and beliefs about money. found a few, and processing them.
Today it occurred to me that i don't appreciate material things as much as i appreciate ideas, feelings and intentions. I place HUGE value on those, but somehow look down on money. But if everything is ENERGY, i need to respect all forms energy not only those that belong to the heart and mind.

Next week, i'm starting a training on fund-raising for NGOs. That ought to be good. and hopefully will contribute into me cracking the code a little more.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks Doaa,
Yes, I do believe that appreciation is a key. To appreciate all of the creations. I forgot to mention above that in 1999 (for context against everything else I said) I earned $8000/month. The difference? I worked in a role that is socially regarded as being lucrative and well-paying. It's ever since I switched to being an indie artist that things have been more of a 'struggle.'

Since you mentioned energy, I had two mentors tell me (separately, they do not know each other) that money is like a focused energy or crystallized power, and to investigate where I am leaking energy and giving away power in my life.

Well, I do not necessarily need to start yet another blog... but today (and I'll see if I still feel this way in one more day) I can see starting a temporary blog just to get some money and abundance thoughts out of my system. I have found (for me) writing it out sometimes shifts something so I find my own answers to questions that were baffling me when they were just rattling around in my head.

The poverty and poverty-thinking issue is too specific (yet huge on its own) to cover in this blog in any depth.

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