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Kimberly Cain

Very thoughtful post, Evelyn. I agree with the explosion of stifled passion. And I see much of that in Texas. When we learn to better direct this passion into creative expression, it's thrilling to imagine what will emerge.

So, we continue to prayerfully clean - to heal.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks so much Kimberly. Today, I was feeling even more fury (I guess it was buried), and much of it had to do with suppressing creative expression in order to fit into some neat tidy box of societal conformity so that I wouldn't be left alone to fend for myself (the exchange that is actually a sacrifice). I'm sure I'm not alone, here, particularly anywhere in USA. I don't know that much about Texas specifically, last time I was in Austin was for about nine days in April 2009, and I cannot say I've cracked the code of the vibration there at all (probably my 4th or 5th time in Austin).

I agree with you that it is going to be thrilling... I was by 'serendipity' at a cafe this morning and picked up a book in their enormous community library titled Cosmos and Psyche. The gist is that the archetypes of the cosmic planetary alignments during this time period are almost identical to the tensions and tumult that catalyzed the High Renaissance 500 years ago. So, it is a ripe time for a Renaissance.


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