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Where's this little incubation a'happenin, and what's the project?

Evelyn Rodriguez

I adored your dolphin pod analogy, by the way.

Where? Ideally, I envision it as a center located in the vicinity of the Smoky Mountains for its beauty, solitude, and immense biodiversity (to help with Nature-centered projects). However, in the meantime, I am also open to having the research lab be a mobile, "pop-up" movable concept--stationed perhaps for weeks or more at a time--at a physical meeting spot (as offers are extended).

And the project is the collective concoction of the wild blue yonder dream projects that each individual bring to it. Mostly looking for cutting edge stuff that veers into the realms of impossibility--anything from free energy, to spontaneous healing, to interspecies communication, to ________. Not interested in talking/theorizing about it, but DOING and/or BUIDLING and EXPERIMENTING.

Again it's meant to be a place for wild hunches collide and mingle as well in unknown-as-yet outcomes, check out this post,

Hopefully it'll also catalyze an ecosystem that will support all around with getting edgy projects off the ground beyond idea phase; the projects themselves like I said come from the ingenuity and inspiration of each person/group that is drawn to participate. Thanks!


The Smokies seem like a magical place, ancient and crystalline.

I like the contact improv image in your earlier post. The magic happens when two or more dancers get together and intuitively / spontaneously support each others' movement. No one knows where the dance is going, it is revealed in the moment of its expression.

Evelyn Rodriguez

You grok it!! Yes, precisely why I chose a contact dance photo as it seemed like apropo analogy (wish I'd thought of dolphin pod ;)).

It's really going to depend on the dancers present, more so than the choreographer. Thanks for helping me to crystallizing all this better.


Contact Improv was part of my journey. It's a great way to get out of your head and to fully meet people, with more presence and balance, in a creative collaboration, i.e. a dance. Plus it's lots of fun!

As for the dolphin pod idea, that comes from Continuum, another form of intuitive movement that uses breath and sound to dive deeply into the fluid nature of the bodymind. Good stuff.

Luana Anselmo

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