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Mar 25, 2013


Ole Ship

Then the poet said, what is so rare as a day in june?
There is a Peanuts version somewhat with that quote.

There is a tune a little softer than dew.

I just gathered that as I wrote; it came to me just then, not to pose as a question and just to the gathered harmony of poetic and include as much content to topics as it seems to me that there is a little more in play; timing, rhythems, though rhyme is more to a "could be".
A greater circle or gear has changed; some pattern of completion, completed , as I feel I just pulled some 360 degree motion like a panaromic view.

I could only describe a small portion of the details.
The wonder of some things bigger..
The smallness of things below; easy to say with a view from above...
How there is more than one way to get there..
..and how the place can be a different ..
..because of the likeness to the way..
..and how it can be the same place, from so many different ways.

The rest of a sequence "my comment styled" to adapt the view to imagine the reallity

To comeback at a better time; that would be not likely, yet to try, and to try again, we practice something to a nother peak:

So this would be "to a nother's", or "to an other's" .

This was how it was so today:

What do you say?
The harmony of this all ...
.. To say it first , and, To say it TOGETHER !

That's what they say about good insight.
a 2nd person type blog
whatthebleepdoWEEknow the same to describe on my post of comment today on Sasstrology

The earlier place of comment- Staying In A Relationship Past Its Expiration Date -- and Kishner's cosmic ramblings.", onto his Seduction ... back to here, as time permits...

and SO as far feelling like i have traveld the complete 360 since discovering, only to be in the middle or off to the side of anything relativity scientifically or in mind.

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How do you copyright content on your site (Webcomic specifically)?

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