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Aug 17, 2011


James E. Colby

Need an invite from you to join Google+
Jim Colby

Thank you,
Jim Colby

marissa mullins

I'd love an invite from you to join Google+

Thanks and enjoyed your post as always!

Evelyn Rodriguez

Hi Jim and Marissa, I've invited you to Google+ and to the blog circle. Welcome!

Also, if you sent private email, you should also have been invited by now as well. Welcome as well.

If you would like to be invited, you will be prompted to add an email address when you leave a comment. It is only viewable to myself, and is private--and that is the email I will use to sign you up on the new Google+ social network.

You will receive the invitation in your email inbox.

I've plenty more invites to hand out if you'd like to join--leave your EMAIL (and FIRST NAME at least will do) to send the invite.

Doaa Akram

I really miss reading your blog, Kindly send me an invite to Google+. Thanks.


Hi Evelyn,
tks for the excellent pieces u write here. plz do send me a Google+ invite.
Take Care,


I'd love an invite to Google+. I enjoy your posts.

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