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Jul 03, 2011


And Reiterating!
Encompassing past post of yours!
Void of couse moon today!


That said a lot in a few words, for me; reticent as I can be still.
Topic and Hyper-thesis TO Reliterate encompassing affect;
and also New Moon Report
and (for the few words in the month of Sivan after the 4th New moon since...) say the least how the draw this post of yours relates, to past posts of yours, is like a little saying alot, down memory lane.
Just when I find everything can be combigned to one person, a Tiger, a Cow, a snake, and a dog, all in Chinese; that is Scorpio like a Libra; reticent like, a cat and a rabbit this year, I wondered.
The lightning goes through again again...
.. and now mud. is as the fire is just not there 360, yet invisable, till the right person people or vision excites it into the zone. Kind of an Eat Pray Love to the experience for some, while others in less sequence participate more view emmotion yet without practice, they seem to excell at all they do of a great variety.

I'm going back to my _ship, metaphoricly, the dust is thining now in Phoenix.
Hope you can see "the light" in that fog too.
Really this is lengthly, the same thanks and compliment meant a moment ago... then-


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With the smoldering wreckage of Fenway 100 behind us and the sellout streak in tact, Ben Cherington is/will be/should be free to pick his own manager this time. There were at least 100 reasons why Valentine should not have been hired in the first place. But there's only reason why he should not come back he has failed miserably with this chance and has done nothing to justify another year, even if the team is contractually obligated to pay him for it..
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He may or may not have one in 2014. But Mizell, Abbott’s lawyer friend from Houston, said Democrats were wrong to question his mettle. Recalling Abbott’s first judicial race, Mizell said, “It wasn’t enough for him to win.”
Corrections policy is not to declare a hunger strike until inmates miss nine meals. Even so, Thornton said, Monday's protest participants number far more than two years ago, when 11,600 inmates were refusing meals at one point.
On a single to right by the next batter J.R. Murphy, Jeter sprinted to third and slid in safely. It was the second time in two games he went from first to third on a single. Brent Lillibridge the flied out to center, but the ball wasn't deep enough for Jeter to try to score.
Wright, who was the runner-up in the 2006 Home Run Derby, has 13 home runs on the [url=][/url] season, and his 217 career home runs rank third on the Mets all-time list behind Darryl Strawberry (252) and Mike Piazza (220). Wright, who was named an All-Star for the seventh time and a fan-elected starter for a fifth time, will join Strawberry (1986, 1990) and Howard Johnson (1989, 1991) as the only Mets to compete multiple times in the Home Run Derby. Wright, who has the second-most 20-homer seasons in franchise history (six), finished with 21 home runs in 2012, representing his franchise-best ninth season with double-digit [url=]cheap steelers jerseys[/url] home runs. He is one of four third basemen in history to record double-digit home run totals in each of his first nine seasons in the Major Leagues, [url=]nfl reebok nfl jerseys[/url] joining Ron Cey (1973-86) and Hall of Famers Eddie Mathews (1952-66) and Mike Schmidt (1973-84). The 30-year-old Wright will become the 16th player from a host team, and the first since Albert Pujols in the 2009 Derby at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, to participate in the event.


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Schalke general manager Horst Heldt told the club website: "Because of our ongoing injury misfortune - for example the minimum two-month lay-off for Ibrahim Afellay - we have decided to dip into the transfer market again.
Still, he has great toughness, which makes him an asset on plays up the middle and in [url=]nfl kids jerseys[/url] short-yard situations -- his sticky hands allows him to make the catch while taking the brutal hit from linebackers and strong safeties.
I can’t believe it! I’m so angry I can barely write this. Except I have to. At 30 I plan to release my second autobiography. It will chronicle the rise of my career at Chelsea, from being a wet behind the ears left back at to the next Maldini… I have decided to call it… Left Back. I think it’s a brilliant name. Because I’m a left back, see? I’m sure it will be a bigger commercial hit than my first one. It sold something like 4000 copies! I always knew I was a literary genius!
One thing many of these trash-talking comments seem to have in common is that they're made in booster club-type settings. That's what happened with Brady Hoke this week. These guys are trying to fire up their fans and they get carried away sometimes.

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