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Jul 20, 2011



Re: "this is a first-world problem"

Yes, this is a problem of those living in relative luxury. But since the rest of the world is aiming to be where we are, isn't worth moving us to a better place?

Stephen Clark

Evelyn, Please look at

It is inspired by and linked to Crossroadsdispatches and I think you will see some connections to what you're talking about here.
The Human Equinox, Simultaneous Global Synergecity is the current synergect
Bucky is featured

crystal murphy

I wish you every success in your endeavour-sounds like synchronic evolution is happening as we speak-Shamans Rule Healing the future before it has already begun-love n hugz
+crystal murphy x

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks William, I was trying to fend off any complaints and doubters. Also, in some ways, it's not just a first-world problem the more I thought of it; the world is so intricately linked, and to assume that others ONLY want to subsist isn't good enough for any human being--everyone has the right to thrive and share their innate gifts wherever they are.

Thanks Stephen. I'll check out the site, and get back with you.

Thanks Crystal, and thanks for joining the G+ circle.

Ole Ship

In the circle of "We start where we are ourselves and branch out inclusively from there; it's not advocacy on public policy."";no, as you say, or as I see this explained here, it is not; given that it is not grandstanding either, nore reckless, or intrucive, nore comprimising the inner sanctitty or personal conceptions to personal sacredness either, I choose to watch this, in essense, sitting this game out to simply observe.
From the quiet place and centered placement of my own imagination, in the stands, or bleachers, or the sidelines.
Others , as they may be of some frequent readers of your past posts, having not seen this post yet, they may return and find it from a connection from a past thread, to what is then to come, rom their current stream; daydreaming, maybe, but just at some comfort to what there doing on their own.
PS Ever notice all the symbols that are spaced around the fringes of the rodeo, or maybe not so specfic to a rodeo any more than any one horse show is to another; with what seems to be just decoration is the use of many (for a lack of knowing the right word/s) glyphs or symbols like brands and Native American, in the type of appeal; maybe just common knowledge to lifestyles of the southwest and other ranch related. I say it that way first, in my rather scattered way, because to say a view from an audiance of the three rings or so, the sound of that may contrast what the elliment of harmony is is in threaded in the post; I will call it more directly by the nature of the game, "cultural affair".

PPS That means I'm with yuh; joining in only here, yet ike those off the market, some appreciation to participation is not just the impulse or of tradition, conservatively shared prior to the elder's approval; OR THE OTHER HALFS PERMISSION..
...THAT MAKES THIS A PSS TO THE ALREADY POST-POSTSCRIPT; not to question is this more to the eessences of love and experiences from many places and times; that is because it is here.
As you say: This engages people to people. The game is meant to be something you can personally participate in.
I googled much before I understood it.
A pemrise to "The Wheel of Time - The premise"

A Wisdom Archive on The Wheel of Time - References and Similarities

A Joseph Campbells companion, I didn't go there.

Nevada's Cowboy Country Catleogue 2007 dreams

I did stumble in thought and on purpose, on the thought of "The act of obtaining usable substances from unusable sources", that unusable may be by choice and best left to itself; as well as the typical help that arives that is unwanted, as much as doesn't by design.

"recovery starts with" the things working that are right, not just alright.

A "recovery" "so i ask"...Isadora:


Thank you for writing this...and for putting some puzzles together that have been stumping me for years....I feel immense relief...finally, a do-able game-plan....

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