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Jun 28, 2011



Thank you Evelyn!

I really needed to read this and didn't know it. It was the breath of life and resonance back into a crazy dream of mine that I had unknowingly put on the shelf with great subconscious justification unseen until I read this entry.

I do have to say after reading this that you were experientially living beyond belief or expectation... certainly those here and that was the beauty I was reminded of and the missing piece of a puzzle calling from the inside.

This dream requires nothing than what is right here. Its activation, following the ongoing resonance wherever it leads. The vision very clear... always was. The outcome less so.

Especially Loved The Art In This Entry!

Time to walk the earth.

Deep Bow of Gratitude!


Glad Eli is finally getting some action. though I admit that I saw this coming once Ginn was introduced a few episodes back.

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