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Jun 09, 2011


michael pokocky

What are you looking for EV?
I've been reading your blog for a few years and it seems to me by your constant search defines what it means to live-to be human.
People talk about finding their passion. Others talk about finding your purpose. Still others think they have figured it all out and profess to tell us. But profess to me means professor and that is what a professor does is profess.
Looking at this crazy world I wonder if there is no purpose no passion just living. Living happens in the moment. Then it lasts for a whole winter as one tries to shelter, feed and keep their families warm.
Your blog posts seem to be an extension either consciously - without feelings - or unconsciously - stirred by feelings, which in my humble opinion is the worst place we can begin our lives at.
I'm not sure what I am saying here. And I know that. But participating here is the point. If one idea comes to another's mind then this transference is the only thing that truly is why we all communicate in the first place.
Getting back to what you are doing - what are you doing here. I shared so would love to hear your voice.

Evelyn Rodriguez

I'm looking to purge the last vestiges of societal mores, dictates, conditioning, programming, lesson plans of "this is how the world works, period", status quo heaped on the bright wild child. I'm looking to let the past be past, the wounds be gifts, and the immaculate innocence be laid bare.

I'm looking to walk into the magical world that I perceive (even if others say it ain't so). I don't want to drag anyone over, but I'm going to be walking.... welcome to join the journey, or not.

I wish to see the creative, wide-eyed wondrous children buried within come roaring back to life within all of us, but I can't impose that... so I write what is current for me and what I am seeing, and feeling, and doing. I don't think too hard if there is any purpose to it, or how it fits with what I've said another time.

My own interest is in the Unknown, and not so much what's been done, and it's spontaneously unfolding so if I don't write it quick it will lose its potency or relevance. I knew this topic of stigma and overcoming it was timely. It will be old news soon enough.

"We read to know we are not alone." - C.S. Lewis

This post was a response to a private emails. For whatever reason, most people write me privately (I definitely prefer comments since all can partake). Anyhow, many seem to--like me--going through a really tough time financially, often catastrophic loss, and are too embarrassed to talk about it.

So, I wanted to put it out in the open to shake up the whole taboo of it (just another lie we buy). People aren't useless and a burden or worthless or whatever the old story goes (and I'm about NEW stories)...

This also ties into Bucky Fuller's story which I re-read the other day after this post. So many creative minds contemplate suicide at bankruptcy, etc. just at the juncture where it's their pivot point, that I wanted to give some kick-ass enthusiasm to someone, anybody, that stumbles here since these tend to be the taboos of the USA, and I was tired of just going along with the taboo.

Buckminster Fuller's story in short, in his words:

p.s. In the subscription Encanto blog, I had posted this using the story of the Red Shoes:

"I plan over at Crossroads Dispatches to talk pretty extensively about what Clarissa Pinkola Estes calls "wild"--our untrammeled, natural, instinctual, free self. A domesticated child becomes feral, and bewildered and out of sync with its own instincts over time. Wild is something everyone can grasp regardless of their background or upbringing or religious beliefs. It's integrity to the innate.

"We can see that the child's making of the red shoes accomplishes a major feat: she takes life from the shoeless/slave status [the child is alone and in poverty]--just going one's way, nose to the road, looking neither left nor right--to a consciousness that pauses to create, that notices beauty, and feels joy, that has passion and registers satiation. . . and all the things that make up the integral nature we call wild." - Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Michael Pokocky

Great elucidation. I understand. It resonates with me. And it has meaning. Appreciate the time spent writing this post and comment. I will say transparently that I am in agreement with you. I also know my story is unique to me just as yours is. If more of this humanity would do this I think it would be an interesting experiment. Good to talk with you again. Its been a long time. I foLlow you on twitter as well. Michael ciao and have a nice weekend. Til the next time E.

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