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Jan 31, 2011



Feeding the hungry and housing the homeless is investment, all other investments are just variations. When money is taken from the rich they are not eaten, they simply have less money. Poor people spend all the money they have, all the time, meaning it goes right back to the people from whom it was taken. When money is not taken from the rich they eventually have all the money and commerce ceases. The earth belongs to all. Money is pure information that has potential far beyond the concept of capital or "saved money". Money as capital is permission. I think permission should be shared fairly. I think you do too, but each must choose their own way.


My first thought upon reading this was, why not make it an actual challenge rather than a conceptual question? i.e. see what you can do with $100 (if that's all you've got).

My second thought was, hey I think that is all I've got! So I checked my wallet and it contains exactly $100 :D

Most likely, I would tend to spend it all on food. But with the intention of using it as seed money, maybe something different will transpire... We'll see.

p.s. my bank account currently has something like $7.98 in available funds.

p.p.s. The maoi concept sounds more like an alternative business model than a community model. Am I missing something?

Evelyn Rodriguez

Hi Arkieology,
I probably should have put Dan Kennedy's words as a "blockquote" to distinguish them from my own words. You raised excellent point that much of (perhaps mostly) savings and capital are not utilized and deployed at all, and money amassed is definitely a form of hoarding. Thanks, it's a big topic, and I just wanted to throw out a "beginning" to the discussion. Good to see you here.

Hologrom, I'm not sure we've "me" yet--welcome. You're right that I didn't describe the moai concept well--there's more links there including where I originally read about it in National Geographic, but from what I understand it originated in Okinawa. People would meet in groups about once per month (maybe more often) in what to me sounds like community groups as outlined by Scott Peck in The Different Drum.

Anyhow, it is meant to be a holistic form of mutual support which includes sharing their lives' ups and downs in an authentic way. (In a way the emotional support reminds me very much of miracle partner concept with a circle rather than one-on-one, )

The groups are lifelong partnerships and lifelines, i.e. "Who's Got Your Back?" Your moai does. Financial support is only ONE form of support in a moai.

Actually, I was thinking of making it an actual challenge to be announced on the Feb 6 birthday of this blog. I was curious and waiting to see what people did of their own accord first--without any contest.

Last night, I read that when he was sixteen, Cornelius Vanderbilt's mom gave him $100 to clear and plant an eight-acre field. Instead, Vanderbilt bought a two-mast sailboat and started charging for ferrying passengers and goods around New York. Of course, in 1810 $100 went a bit further. But it was funny that amount was precisely $100, and that a young boy thought to plant that money in another way than a farm! The synchronicity was funny.


Hi Evelyn, why yes as a matter of "fact", we have "met" ;) It's just that I change my name once in awhile. Think ping pong balls in Manhattan.

I didn't follow up the links. Thinking "maoi" as in MAO Inhibitor got distracted...

Anyway someone in the community where I live invited me to join a Men's Group, which sounds very similar to what you describe. Although I'm not particularly drawn to the men's group. The idea there is you always have some people you can talk to about anything, in a way you couldn't share with your life partner, especially if she's the opposite sex.

So I spent my first $10 on soup. Vanderbilt is ahead of the game. Need to strategize, Need inspiration!

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