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Dec 06, 2010


Melody Beattie

Great idea. I like it. I'm building a site at my dot org domain and dedicating it to this book. I'll also use it as a place for people to meet and connect with partners. Sometimes the best partner is someone we've never met and never will. we then have the freedom to truly be ourselves -- and that's where the miracle is. Melody Beattie


I just finished the book and stumbled upon the site. I am interested in this.

Jacki King

I realize that I missed the December deadline, but I was wondering if you would be starting another course, inwhich you could still be my partner. I am very excited and intrigued by your book.

Thank you so much!


I came upon your site after hearing about The Miracle Response. I search the internet and came across your website. I am interested in what you are teaching. Thank you for book, and thank you for this website!

Bill Wehmeier

Dear Melody,
Thank you for writing this book. I have been doing the gratitude list for almost 40 days. Wow! Do I feel different! It's so beautiful to be grateful for things I normally deny or resist. You mean I don't have to struggle?
I am looking for a partner to exchange my list with. Do you have any suggestions where to look?
Infinite Love and Gratitude,

Anne Marie Bennett

We have a yahoo group going to discuss this book, post our lists, or find buddies. Also, will be having a book discussion group via phone conference call (you can use Skype) later this month. If there is nothing else happening here on Evelyn's site, we'd love to have you all join us! Peace and joy and gratitude, Anne Marie

Lori Lavender

Hi, I just bought the Make Miracles book and found your blog. Do you know of anyone who's interested in partnering to do the 40 day miracle lists?
Thank you, Lori


Hi, I know this was almost a year ago but I am interested in a partner for miracle work..... Anyone interested?


Hi, I also just finished the book and would like to find a partner. Anyone interested?




I would like to participate! Is there someone I can patent with?


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