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Nov 17, 2010



It is a big question isn't it! I am attracted to the Circle of Seven.

"Their ostensible task was the development of a program for women who were going through changes in their lives. Following their first meeting, they gave up their images of noble purpose for the sake of others. No matter how hard they tried to create an event for women in transition, they kept being directed into their own life stories to find out what it would be like to unfold the next phase of their lives from deep within themselves and the field of their circle. Though they were dedicated to service, their own healing needs at that time overshadowed what they sought to do for others. "

These 6 women meet periodically not to save the world, but to discover through a process that Otto Scharmer called Presencing which is allowing what wants to spontaneously emerge come forth.

It does anyway! ;O) But o.k. We pay better attention to it or witness it.

I liken this to the teaching awareness provides in each and every moment by gently keeping my attention on what arises in the body\mind sense field. In other words, where is the attention going if I allow it the freedom to go anywhere.

In a small intimate group setting imagine what could emerge which leads to risk and vulnerability.

On Risk:
"There often has to be a risk in order for the collective to show up. The risk can be one person's, two people's, or all of ours, but there has to be some kind of risk or vulnerability for crossing the threshold that you're talking about."

So based on the risk and\vulnerability they come together to discover what wants to emerge through the collective opening to presence.

What Conditions are Necessary:
"The first condition is a suspension of the projection of the judgments. You described that as part of your threshold experience. In your story, it was the same thing. So suspension of judgment and unconditional witnessing are one condition.

The second condition is clearing the horizontal space by unconditional love. When I interviewed Peter Senge a couple of years ago, he talked about love in terms of “showing up and being present.” That was his definition of love. Showing up and being present. Fully present with.

And the third condition maybe has to do with having the trust that the presence, or whatever you name it, is going to show up and do the work."

I would state it slightly differently. The Witnessing Presence is always here. Judging is here, so just seeing it and finding out what it is trying to communicate to us with the judgment.

Making an open space in a charged atmosphere of risk or vulnerability allows presence to move to the foreground.

We are already present. We can trust that. Consciousness is presence. Presence is the only thing there is. Without presence nothing can be....present. Take away presence and what do you have? Nonpresence? No, nothing. Not even that. If someone says to me you are not being present, from the aspect of individual separate person it may be accurate that I am not attending to them, but the assumption seems to be that consciousness inhabits separate bodies. What if Consciousness is the one container that all bodies appear in? Then we can trust what Ramana says that the SELF is ever moving us the way we need to go even when individually we have thoughts that say it is not so.

Trust is so key, but trust in what? Trust in nothing at all or said differently the presence that IS.

So the group opens the space, puts the risk or vulnerability in the center, attends to what is emerging in presence no matter how crazy... and then the "apparent" magic happens.

Imagine the intimacy... The only requirement I currently see is the process calls the participants authentically through resonance.

From their website.

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