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Nov 02, 2010


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i can't talk to all the theoreticians...That's nice!

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Ben Ames

Wonderful Entry! I am in the slip stream now of suspending belief and pushing the edge of the known in my life and work. This post related directly to my life as I work in the corporate world, and I spend much of my time looking over the edge of the current paradigms, assumptions, and beliefs most especially my own.

I am NOT strong at math and science, but I have discovered following the data key as you say. I have also found that not drawing on any conclusions based on data is key. The data can provide the luminous path that is hidden to the perceptual world of conditioning and biases.

Statistical programs that allow data to be dropped into a spreadsheet format and run from a number of directions can yield correlations, new views, and possibilities beyond what I previously considered. Where I am traveling is between the lines of what is currently happening periodically coming back and seeing if it causes me to question our assumptions about the current reality.

Spaciousness is helpful as some revelations need to bake in the background. Nothingness is so important as I have found it to have an intelligence beyond my normal knowledge. If I stare at something and stay present with it living the open questions in the nothingness, I often will receive some insight, next step, view, and even direct answers that I had no way of knowing based on my training or previous knowledge.

When perceiving the data and following the luminous trail, I have found that there is a visceral language that does not use words, but uses feelings. They are primal or primary sense that communicates in a sensate way that will often have me going in a direction different from what my surface level thoughts and inner dialogue are pointing to. My body and being seem to respond to that language easily and effortless where as the thought stream (a necessary partner) is observed and gone against. It is a surreal experience and it often yields (not always) new discoveries, questions, and points to additional data needed.

Keep up the good work. It is inspiring your fellow travelers.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Wow Ben, you are a rarity in the corporate world (or I might have stayed put there!) You are an inspiration yourself. Thank you fellow pilgrim.

I am not as strong in math and science either--although my degree is in computer engineering, it is so much simpler than theoretical mathematics or quantum physics. Yet, strangely the more I have been reading about folks like Tesla or Schauberger etc, the more it seems they too operated from an intuitive sense of existence, rather than rote learning--and so when they say some really off-the-wall stuff I actually grok it. BTW, at times these scientists referred to reality as a void/vacuum which I believe you name nothingness ("If I stare at something and stay present with it living the open questions in the nothingness....".

Anyhow, I meant everything metaphorically anyhow, as a sort of sense of life as an experiment ;)

Thank you.


I am a fan of reading fictional book and stories. This is like escaping from the real world. Other thinks that it is but I must say that as a person with a wide imagination, I love to imagine myself in other world. What you have posted really is very interesting. Thanks. Wonderful blog you got there.


Hi Eve :)

I saw your link on another's blog and felt compelled to visit. Scanned your post here, read bits and pieces--you know flighty me ;) As usual, a bit over my head intellectually, but right up my alley metaphysically. I plucked this line, thinking I might share it on Twitter, just before I came upon where you singled it out. My favorite part of the post :)

"What Nature tells us is what must be honored. It has been talking to us on many domains."

That's really all that matters to me, and all the fun therein. Hey, what can I say, I got lotsa stuff in my 5th house--fun is what it's all about :) Speaking of which, I sooo wanna walk in the water bubble, lol

First thing that spurred me was your mention of Jane Austen and high school. Kinda sync-y. Stoked a memory of a high school book report. I hated high school, but somehow managed a B average without doing much homework, lol I have an inherent love of books (Libra). But I'm a lover of books, reader of few.

Actually I read at them, and have a new found talent with bibliomancy. Ah, metaphysics, my love...

Anyway, the book report. I think it was "Pride and Prejudice." It was like the day before it was due, and I hadn't read a page. So I opened the book, scanned a bit, plucked out some names that I assumed were key characters, and then spent the rest of the evening sketching a picture I'd found in the book, lol

I sketched it on the right-hand side of homemade card I was creating, wrote the character names on the left-hand side, and included a paragraph of what I thought the book was about (from that quick scan, lol). I got a B :D

I thought to myself just now that the teacher was a "goombah," thinking that it meant not-too-bright. But looked it up and it can actually mean a trusted friend. Seemed very sync-y with your mention of the guy resembling Walter Matthau (I always like him too).

Okay, so there's a wild dance in my brain, lol ;) But I'm thinking I tend to keep being drawn back to "goombahs," those worthy of trust. With all the science and theories and rhetoric (blah-blah-blah), there's really nothin' more valuable than goombahs--and fun, of course, hehe ;)

Hope you're doing well, Eve!


Evelyn Rodriguez

Hi Dove,
So good to see you here. I was thinking of you the other day (and shall send you an email).

Yes, Pride and Prejudice book report won me a regional award in English Literature. So more synch's.

Oh, don't worry about the science and math parts--I don't segregrate metaphysics from physics! I was quite drawn to Viktor Schaumberger precisely because he decided to be a forester instead of going to college (much to his father's chagrin). Yet he was a very astute observer of Nature itself, without the baggage of theories to impede his ideas.

Anyhow, the true point of this whole post is to explore and play... there aren't any final conclusions yet to any of this stuff.


Oh, so "interesting" that you mention Pride&Prejudice (must be some symbolic message per Universe, may have to actually read the book to get the message, lol). Sync'd up, because I just saw a reference to this book, and it reminded me of my post here :)

I've connected with another old friend on here that, like you and I, sync-y sparks always seem to fly. So much fun :) This reconnecting aligned with an astrological thingee, Venus (relationships) retrograde (going "backward," symbolic of past)--Venus started moving forward again just a day or so ago. My interest in astrology is really stirring lately, so fascinating how our lives align with those planetary activities.

"Explore and play" -- I think that is THE answer to all, okay most, of our questions, hehe

Yes, please email me, Eve, I'd love to hear how things are going for you.


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