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Nov 11, 2010



Interesting post and it highlights quite well my reasons for journalling, to find out what I know to be true for myself and to get rid of that busy voice so I can learn who I am and how I came to be here.

That particular page came about after hours of writing about my illness, how frustrated I am and how I feel my life is not my own because of it. By getting that out of the way I did actually find some answers, not the answer to my illness, which was what the question intended, but deeper answers that caused me to discover many things about myself. (and yes - more questions)


Wonderful Post!

I Love this part from the Mystery of Existence...

"If I look for an absence of a sense of I, I am looking for something happening within content of experience. There will be times when there is no sense of I, but it is within content of experience. And as any content of experience, it comes and goes as a guest, on its own.

So absent of i-dentification is a little simpler and clearer. There is an absence of identification with content of experience, whatever that is, because what we are recognizes itself in all of it.

For me now, there is a vague sense of an “I” here. It is a gestalt made up of a set of sensations in the head area and the images of a center and an I with an Other. But when I look at it, I see that it is just like any other content of experience. It has form but no substance. It is the Ground of no-thing taking a form while never being anything else than no-thing. It is awakeness itself taking this particular form."

Resonating perfectly here. He has his finger directly on the trigger. ;o)

A good chunk of the content of my experience is what think they know. So, seeing the i-dentification is key. As I told someone at work: "It's not what I don't know that worries me. Its what I think I do know that isn't true."

Adya and Jan Frazier are 2 of my main teachers. There are others. It finally got to the point with help from Jan where Awareness or as you say the "Inner Guru" is teaching all day long. I missed that for so long.

Here is a link to Jan's Teachings if you don't know her? She is a very descriptive writer which helps a lot with the integration in day to day life.

Wish I knew your name!

Deep Bow!


Brings to mind this video and that we don't know when we're wrong.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks Hannah--I'm so glad my linking to your beautiful journal page brought you here. I find the exact thing too--sometimes one question leads to insights that may be unrelated, but even more significant.

Ben, Thanks again for your wonderful presence. (As I wrote you an email in response to this comment--you now know my name... it is in small font at the bottom of each post too.) The Mystery of Existence blog simply became vivid while searching Google Images for "eating honey"--serious! Love how mercurial cause and effect is.

Mike, Wow. Very glad you sent me this video; I'm going to link to it in a future post. I'd never heard of Kathryn Schulz' work on the wisdom of being wrong before. I like how she refers to the Latin root of "error" as "to wander, roam, go astray," and that wandering is not necessarily aimless. My favorite chapter in the new book, "Where Do Good Ideas Come From?" is--- Error! Love it. It's fundamental to what learning is. What growing and life is.

kimberley lee

The quotes of great philosophers make a whole lot of sense. I love reading wise quotes. It's empowering and inspiring.

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