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Nov 01, 2010


nike shox

In the name of God, That is it.God bless you all, and God bless America !



Nick Smith

"Online, folks tend to share ideas that are already fully formulated, or something they already know pretty well...... Rarely do we share wisps of half-baked visions....."

Ahh, Gotcha!!.. That's what I often try to do. Thank you for pointing me towards my own blindness Evelyn.

Bless ya. :)


i'm with Nick...that was the big AHA! for me in this great post...the realization that we DON'T see many half-baked ideas online. loved the Johnson video, and reading this post suddenly reminded me that i have her Explorer book...time to dust it off.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks so much PraiseYou for searching. That's not the artwork that Steven Johnson showed in his video at 7:23; and actually I am beginning to doubt it is a Hogarth at all. Your search helped me look a bit further down the Hogarth path--still no clue.

Nick, I'm not sure if/how online will be the best route for sharing exploratory ideas that aren't fleshed out. But, right now, via blog it's somewhat available for at least MYSELF to do that. Again, the main point being it's really the collision of these hunches that leads to high rates of innovation. Either see something more phsyical, perhaps (a) mobile labs/ateliers or (b) physical centers. Or better yet maybe both, possibly augmented by online. Anyhow, sometimes what I write starts off sounding factual or at least crystallized, and the more I delve in I realize original hypothesis collapses. For instance, I think I was pretty into 2012 and Mayan prophecy in 2008, and now it's withered away as a hunch for me entirely. But I didn't present it as a hunch, either, back then because so many folks spoke of it with authority. There is definitely this stronghold on being "authoritative" online. And I'm wondering if it's okay to present more possibilities and hunches (less "facts") in more open-ended manner.

Marilyn, Thanks for the compliment. BTW, I think Steven Johnson does give some new aha's and twists in the book (it's listed as a Science category book so cites a lot of stuff), and I'll share one that really spoke to me in a future post. The How to be an Explorer of the World book looks like my favorite among all the Smith books. Unfortunately (and I am not being facetious) I am traveling so much that I can't bring books around with me much. I adore "interactive" books like that where you both read and do, passive and active elements. I think Keri Smith said it--maybe don't see hunches because of vulnerability in sharing stuff you're still uneasy about (what if we're wrong!, or it was just a passing fancy), or even still difficult because it's too misty to articulate well. Thanks!

Herbis Orbis

Inspiring as usual Evelyn -- and kudos for the breakthroughs and heart-breaks that get us all there!

Marcus G

Wonderful post! Google Wave could be a brilliant venue for sharing half-baked ideas.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks Herbis! So good to see you here. Well, actually much more breakthroughs than I can get to in one post.

Hi Marcus. Thanks so much for the kind words. Actually, Google Wave has been discontinued, see their official announcement:

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