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Nov 24, 2010



Perfect Evelyn!

Especially Loved the writings about the ecstatic aliveness, Henry Miller, and the Fifth Element!

I have been hearing about Big Sur a lot lately. I am told that it is breathtakingly beautiful. Must be time to go!

Grateful for you and this blog!

P J Thomson

Viriditas and Quintessence reminded me of a conversation I had recently about the word joy. The proposition being that happiness and sadness might be opposites, but joy has no opposite because it transcends the situation and relates to pure being.

Whatever word we use to describe it, there is definitely an experience (as you describe) of being in terror, sadness or another reaction to the situation, while at the same time being at peace. I wonder how we sometimes manage to do both at the same time and sometimes get caught in reaction?

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks Ben. Big Sur is beautiful--check out the Henry Miller Memorial Library also if you go.

Welcome here, PJ. Completely agree with your way of perceiving joy as innate, natural and without opposite (nondual, unconditioned). Can't speak for all, but I get caught up in reactive modes when I am operating habitually unconsciously from conditioning. Being curious about my reaction (rather than judging myself for it) seems to bring awareness and acceptance... and thus, awareness of Awareness, the substrate of that peace.

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