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Oct 16, 2010


Halvin Pikavippi

Magnificent work! thank a lot!


This really made my day, thank you a lot!


This is a very insightful article and I enjoyed it reading from top till end. I totally agree that we must be thankful. Praying is good but feeling and reflecting is better. This is because when we reflect, we listen, rather than ask.

Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming ☥

Loved meeting your blog today and the treat of savoring this medicine story in print for the first time (have only seen/heard Gregg tell it before).

I'm pointing my readers to this & to you.

Thank YOU!

Belinda Stephens

Wow, you are wonderful burst of color and energy that I just happened upon. And what you have to say is much akin to my own experience and feelings. In fact, one of my favorite and most vivid dreams that came to me in sleep was watching myself take a path into the woods, barefoot and feeling the wet earth between my toes. I was concerned that others would see the dark traces of mud left on my soles - why return? I always wanted to paint this image. Thank you for your site/blog. Very engaging to me!

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