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Jul 29, 2010



I loved, loved, loved this post! I found it so very interesting. Indeed what happens when we suspend disbelief! You know what? That is not a question, I can ever remember asking myself.

I have questioned beliefs to ferret out illusion, but I can't say I have suspended the disbelief that allows possibilities beyond my beliefs and assumptions about what reality looks like to reveal themselves.

I seem to have the fundamental assumption that the world and life always looks "something like" this one. People act like they do in this one, and that is the totality of it. It is a sleepy kind of acceptance.

My whole body lit up like a Christmas Tree with energy when I read this post. I have to wonder if there are dimensions within dimensions? At times, it certainly feels like it.

I am going to have to get this book while I am on vacation this week.

Deep Bow!


I posted my comment, went back to my email, and ran straight into this poem in my inbox...


The mouth of the river may be beautiful.
It doesn't remember the womb of its beginning.
It doesn't look back to where it's been
or wonder who ahead of it polished the rough stones.

It is following the way
in its fullness,
now like satin,
now cresting,
waters meeting, kindred
to travel gathered together,
all knowing it flows
one way, shining or in shadows.
And me, the animal
I ride wants to drive forward,
its longing not always my own,
overrunning its banks and bounds,
edgeless, pilling along the way

because, as I forget,
it knows everything
is before it.

~ Linda Hogan ~

(Rounding the Human Corners)

I love the last 3 lines, because my deepest inner sense and experience is that before this body\mind appears, there is this feeling of priorness. This sense or feeling of aliveness that is before "AMness"

I love how this poem invites me beyond my banks and bounds, so I thought I would share it.

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