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Jul 26, 2010



I have been very much "feeling for" the rawness and the primal force. This post really hit home for me. Something about awakening connected me to it, and it became more real than any descriptions of it.

The only thing that doesn't out last it is the changeless where it appears. It is the alpha and omega. Nothing stands up to it or lasts in it including the body\mind experience.

That is easily relegated to the background even though it is so ever present. In a sense the rawness provides the necessary contrast to clearly see what is real and true.

It was extremely helpful to read your view that the path through this place is the path through the good approval of others as well as our (my) addiction to it which passes away as the primal and raw surface call even demand engagement.

At some point, it ceased being a choice here. To not engage and connect was inner daggers stabbing the soul until "failure" and death to psychological self is glimpsed and embraced for the beauty it is.

About as fun as the thought and subsequent emotions of being being burnt alive at times. That, in my view however, is the difference between the journey into truth and the journey into "I want to be comfortable or at peace."

The difference between deepening and coping\spinning reality so I can rationalize a way to feel good about it or numb myself to it.

The difference between clear seeing and denial.

The difference from being awake and sleepy time existence.

Perfect timing! THIS or God (pick your noun) made sure it wasn't alone in this... as THIS.

Now that's a kindness and a love!
Thank you!
Deep Bow!

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