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Jul 16, 2010



Just yesterday I was thinking about the journey inward being the most important of all my travels (I'm about to move to India from Mexico and was having some doubts about my moving around so much).

I was looking for treking sites relatively close to the Gujarat and wikied the Kunlun mountains and somehow discovered the Queen Mother of the West and then I googled her and stumbled upon your blog... My ''Philemon'' is a tigress I call Shah, and I was reading yesterday about the Halcyone days, not to mention the fact that last night I dreamed I was a volcano, then I was drinking from a golden cup just like the one your queen of wands is holding...

Not sure I'm making any sense, and I won't bore you with more details, I just wanted to tell you that somehow your post put all the pieces together for me, at least at the unconscious level (my brain is still digesting)... Thanks.


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