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Feb 20, 2009



Your posts make me cry, I am on a journey to be the vessel and priestess of Hekate in 2 weeks and inspiration flows from you.
Thank you,

paul bruno

thank you for sharing!

'I' assisted the birth of a space for ascention:
A dome, woven from any natural material, for shared extatic experience and sustainable living.
More info on:



If I were not married, I'd ask to meet you. As it is, I'm pleased that you exist. We are the sensory organs of the universe, the thing that beholds itself in the mirror of time/space. I'm glorified to know that you're out there, and I'm fascinated with the vicarious pleasure of seeing through your eyes. Rock on, sojurner!

Chris Edgar | Purpose Power Coaching

Thanks for this. The point about being unable to trust the universe unless you can trust it in edgy situations has been a key one for me. The trust I try to cultivate in myself and people I work with is a basic trust in the universe rather than in specific people or situations. Best, CE


Hi:) You know, I've seen what feels now like thousands of websites and blogs on spiritual growth, inspiration, motivation or whatever they call it. Yours just struck me:) English isn't my first language and I'm afraid I won't express what's on my mind accurately, but I'll try anyway:) - It's just that I've recently started to get a bit sick of this 'scientific' or 'what-to-do-step-by-step' texts on self-development - and your blog is nothing like it. What you do here is just great. The quotes, the thoughts, the arts - many of my favourite authors:) - that stuff just omits the brain somehow and speaks directly to the soul. And I just have to say: thank you:)no, really, thank YOU. Because (as you already quotted on the blog) - it's only about "the music the words make." I really agree with Capote on this one:)

I know I'll be a regular visitor to this site here:D Have a great day:)


Wow, usually I don't look at blogs and such, but I googled "faerie" and saw a cool picture and it brought me to your page, which I find utterly inspirational. I loved what you said about wishing that there were schools where daydreaming about dreamscapes was what was supposed to be happening, and I think that you just have a really great outlook and mind. Blessed be.

Renaissance Clothing

Beautiful word and a beautiful image

Key Work

I just inspired on the post on your blog its just like any road, there are corners, detours, and crossroads in life. Perhaps the most perplexing road that you would encounter is a crossroad. With four roads to choose from and with limited knowledge on where they would go, which road will you take. It mean in life there a lot to risk to take. Thank you

E. Tosh Hyodo

Wow, I fell into your prose and don't know if I can ever come back. Beautiful, thank you!! Where do you live?

I'm committed to accelerating conscious evolution and I can see you are very much about the same thing.

Kudos and good wishes! I'd love to learn more about you.

Vancouver, BC

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