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Jan 06, 2009


Account Deleted

Just in case you don't get my response on Twitter.... All of this somehow reminds me of one of my favorite lil antique books 'Prue and I' by George William Curtis written in 1856.

It used to put me to sleep in vast colorful meadows and mountains.

Amy Jewell

You write beautifully,Evelyn! I followed your blog link on Tweetdeck and came here... how delightful.


Just finishing YUGA: An Anatomy of Our Fate...have you read? I am catching up on reading your posts lately and as always am enjoying.


regardless of...

how the weather moves

what the 'news' proves

Heart... here
in the midst of...

roaring planes overhead

unrestfullness in bed

Love... truth
even while...

people are torn apart

experiencing a broken heart

Nothing changes
what doesn't change
and all that changes
comes back to Nothing

(was signing off with 'Peace...', then this came. :)


Wanting to respond, to let it be known that I've read your resonating words, but am finding that I am without words.

"As if words and letters have heart and hands, blood pumping through cursive script with life enough to evince off the pages."
--"Love's Lexicon"

Just dropped by your site; I like it.

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There is a great difference in plants that have been serenaded. So its all on the matter and the content that it has.

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