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Jul 15, 2008



"your spirit wells and wills inside of you - you have only to allow its voice"... ahhh, so true! You know, the light of innocence shines right through this post. Thanks Evelyn.

I too have gone back to 'the wilderness' for a little while. It sure does you good.


True is also a verb. Human artifacts need to be trued by human effort but the great wheels and spirals of nature true themselves. Ballet dancers true themselves around an axis in a perfect pirouette. Don't forget to spot.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Nick, So good to hear your voice here. When I said that 2003 was a pivotal year, it was the year I read A Course in Miracles cover to cover in a week. You know, I've only mentioned I'm an ACIM student on YOUR blog - never my own. So that's why I'm writing this comment.

Besides the film, The Matrix, up to that point, nothing had rocked my tidy perception of the world, and my identity that much. I've been off and again student throughout the years, but haven't touched it in 18 months. After a couple of days driving out west this June, I stopped in a Tucson cafe, opened a weekly newspaper and saw the local A Course in Miracles study group was meeting within a mile that evening (just 2 hour wait), and I went. And I think that was a homecoming of sorts of the re-realization: "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists."

Ark, I just read today a quote in "The Artist's Way" by Mary Daly: Why indeed must 'God' be a noun? Why not a verb? ....the most active and dynamic of all?" These days I'm content with just "God is" period. At this time I'm proposing to purge and flush at all concepts, preconceptions, perceptions - of what God is, what true is, what truth is, what human is, what/who you are. What remains, if anything, will be essence. That is the proposal. Quite coincidentally ;), The Matrix was on TV last night. I haven't seen it since original release, maybe 10 years? Nouns and verbs galore going on when they were plugged into The Matrix, and yet they - the 'real' they - weren't really shooting, running, jumping, karate chopping - or were they? Don't want to go into philosophy really, just see for ourselves. And I propose doing some of that by not believing everything we think feel or see through our senses. 1st start with withdrawing from media, mediums that inform, interpret for us and rather, connecting within.


Querida Evelyn,

My best wishes for your fast and your continuing quest. I just wanted to thank you for your mentioning of Peter Kingsley and his great works on reality and wisdom. Our thinking, being, and doing all mix in our consciousness and leave questions of true and real hidden behind veils, but veils were made to be pulled aside. I think Kingsley's recovering of the notion of incubation as practiced by the Pythagoreans to be of great import in parting the veils that confound us.

Again, thanks for the tip, Kingsley is amazing. I've read Kingsley and Philip K. Dick for the last three months and I am now in very tenuous relationship with my olde notion of reality. I see this as a very healthy development.

Que le vaya bien.


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