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May 29, 2008


David Burn

Thanks for taking the time to write this. And for giving us your "totally uncensored musings." I don't believe Spielberg set out to expand anyone's consciousness with this latest action-packed installment. Although, for the "average" viewer, the movie might provoke some deeper thinking. If a viewer comes away with the belief that Earth's creatures are not alone in the universe, that's a step in the right direction. Of course, the ETs are portrayed as frightening beings, so that's not exactly comforting.

The thing I like to think about is that our Earthly ancestors were more in tune with nature, thus, by extension more in tune with the cosmos. In other words, Earth was a more inviting place for ETs prior to the industrial revolution and the planet's inhabitants, superstitious though they might have been, would have made for better friends. Take the Anasazi. Where did they go without a trace all those centuries ago? To another world via a spaceship or via teleportation. Not sure that it matters which method they used, just that they were conscious enough to go.


Very enjoyable read, thank-you-so-much, whatta great mirror I've been looking into today !! ;)

Evelyn Rodriguez

Hi David, So far I've gotten a flurry of email and private Twitter messages on this post, but as you see few open comments. So thanks for writing.

Thank you Isa. That was precious.

To respond to your comment, David...
I wrote this because alien abductee Whitley Streiber is a popular sci-fi writer and filmmaker -- rather than an outcast -- so maybe it'd be alright. (I should say I don't trust Streiber; I go by my own discernment here.) And I write because it felt time to.

I think we've been indoctrinated not to be open to possibilities, and that prematurely closes a lot of doors of perception. (For instance- ETs don't exist. Dreams aren't 'real.') Whereas, the shamanic view is totally expansive - if you can conceive it, it's real. And then, you open yourself to get your 'proof' if you will. (Like attracts like...electromagnetic...a bit like law of attraction). I HIGHLY recommend the true story "Of Water and the Spirit," by Malidoma Some. And if more scientifically oriented, "The Yoga of Time Travel." As well as "No Boundary" by Ken Wilber - which helped me obliterate my rigid notion of time-space.

I see time (past-present-future) as simultaneous, yet also I view as spiraling in upward evolution like Mayans...though, I keep one foot in future more so than past. So I don't think Incans or Anasazis or any ancients had necessarily any advantage. The next couple years (starting right NOW) should be fascinating - predict humankind will boldly go where none has gone before, if we don't shut the door prematurely and predetermine what is possible and what is impossible.

Stephanie Azaria wrote today, in reference to Mars Phoenix, which I thought really captured this sense of open:
"What happens above happens below, and while this is easy enough to understand, it is also profoundly important to realize that what happens below also happens above. Scientists are riveted to what they are about to find. The Truth is, we have spent many millennia inhabiting Mars and there is much to be retrieved there. We cannot find that information if it isn’t even a remote possibility in our consciousness, so let’s open up to the Truth." - 5/30/08 Stephanie Azaria,

David Burn

Thanks for the recommendations. "Of Water and Spirit" sounds like a book I might like (from the Amazon descriptions I just read). I used to read a lot of these kind of books over a decade ago, but I somehow slipped back into more linear texts since. I sometimes wonder why that is, but I know one of the reasons. As much as the thinking presented is attractive to me, the language itself often falls short. It's not earthy enough for my tastes. But this book might be. I'll pick it up and see.

p.s. I'm glad to know you're optimistic about the future of humankind.

Tjahjokartiko Gondokusumo

"We will control you." simply if I can define parallelism ..... please back to the early vision of this great Crossroads Dispatches...I am sure the question is not "How many dimension we can have" but "How we can imagine the framework of the creator"...or control systems.

Ole Ship

A time of embracing every fragment of your soul that you've dusted under the rug, thrown into the farthest corners of the ethers, and/or pushed away as "not" (ever ever) "me".
"Very interesting views of many subjects, ones that may have many points where any knowledge or truth in need to seek advice could be hard to find, if there is any existing at all; in all, very informative and interesting to these mysteries and the of the film very good, though I haven't seen it yet. I'm sure I will get to that, if to just see for myself whether I've made sence now, or a muck,... or both with hope of less of the "me" muck..
I did look at the links in the bonus.

To save a little reading (and the character count limit) here, I'll link the path I took to my taking on this post (I still have to watch the 5-minute video for sense of how 5D-plus "it or et" interacts) as I gather me, "Ole_Ship"(O.S.) view; in gathering, here is where I am at, in order of times that have past to present:

Mixing pieces of the thoughts above

Ole Ship

I clicked on a link and right away...well I hope its of context, I've already gone "adding links overboard", and believe it or not,
the attempt was to address getting away from the "I" part in explanations, and just the fabric to understanding; knowledge, truth, wisdom, and understanding, may all have some unique diferentials.

So to skip the sermon or preaching of my own,( especially since I'm not a preacher and never even educated in any formal theology school) a sort of talk or religious forum I listened to's host who was a preacher or minister(or some title) who kept trying to point out that the subject was the focus of the instruction to learn and not to except because or because not -of the teacher it comes from; in that, the knowledge that is taught is the student's, or listeners, to... (whatever; anymore and it will sound like I'm preaching...)
To pull back and bring this comment in to some landing, a link I found colectively, even to the do or don't search engineS' results and sensationalizing, was this one_, strike that to say instead were these:

with only one remaining thought, to the Galactic child pictured; the star system seems familiar but I just cant place it... is it the Pleiades, the Libra constellation, or maybe like the nebula Eagle or Orions belt; to symbols and stories, creation, and traveling along.


A more useful (well, to me) interpretation of "spaces between space" is the zeroth dimension, a place were all space is a single point, a single point that touches every higher-dimensional point. Moving through this place back into a higher dimension would appear to be teleportation.

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