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Mar 12, 2008



"Reaching masses isn't quite the thing that makes me sing. I'd rather reach matches."

Someone told me in comments today that a recent blog post was like "listening to people talking about me in the locker room". I wasn't quite sure what to make of that one.

I guess you have to remember that to reach the masses, you have to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Not my style. If people choose to be offended by something, you probably can't write much of anything without offending them. Oh well.


"p.p. s. The 40 days of extraordinary miracles felt too coerced a project, not quite the stuff of inspiration, so it's let go."

For the first time EVER, I was urged by something internal to observe Lent this year. I chose to "give up" television and devote the extra time to preparing for an upcoming Reiki class near the end of March. Before the end of that class, I had been asked by my teachers to practice self-treatment for the next 21 days. I almost laughed out loud because the 21-day practice is such a close parallel (in spirit) to the 40-day period I had already begun and such a nice synchronistic fit with the Lent initiative. Both efforts seem a bit self-serving...but definitely not coerced...maybe exactly what I should be doing in this season of renewal. Ahhh!


This is absolutely a post that gets right in there and reaches me as no other one has.

I will respond once I know why Eveylin.


Evelyn Rodriguez

Thank you Donna. That was exactly the term that came to me too as I was writing the post but I didn't use it explicitly - LCD, lowest common denominator. Too much of what I read seems to aim to appeal to the LCD, and thus very very few words peal - as in bells ringing - anymore. The Whale Rider speaks to the HCD, and that's why it compelled me to read it from cover to cover.

So I feel that people also share a Highest Common Denominator, yet that is what is skirted the most often in "media," or whatever it is that we might call this communication. Well, HCD, isn't accurate as it's all encompassing like the most infinite outer layer of the nested Russian doll.

Totally down on the LCD quality of social media lately, yet very touched by what Daniel Light calls "mass intimacy," and yes, it's a paradox, but what he wrote also got me musing there must be some way to speak of my life and my experiments with truth without invalidating anyone else's... I don't mean to offend anyone, though I'm more likely to confuse than offend as I'm exploring territory that I've never explored in any lift-time. I just don't want to drain my energy censoring. (Querying myself: "Is this too out there?", for instance.)

Second half, such as The Post Secrets sections is quite genuine, not gimmicky like so much of what's written:

Becky, I am so honored that the 40 days post got you to experiment with living without the vicariousness of television, you added extra hours to your own adventure. I really just meant coerced personally, for me. It was like a last ditch effort to feel "re-connected," as I'm still adjusting to finding my place in New Orleans. Since the 40 day period through Lent to Easter worked so well for me last year I thought I'd try it again. But it wasn't sticking this year - again, for me.

Thanks Michael, And, I like this related term for "indigenous" - (this last term having a derivation from Greek, meaning "sprung from the earth").

Thus, wisdom springing from the earth.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Ooops, the word is autochthonous - too ghastly really, I just like "the sprung from the eARTh" part.


Yes! The Highest Common Denominator! And you're so right about what's so mysterious and brilliant and crazy about it: how it's infinitely inclusive & merely requires recognition.

And letting go, I can't help but feel, opened you to far more miracles than could every be crammed into 40 days.

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