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Feb 14, 2008



Just as Gandhi said, "Be the change..." I love this idea of us becoming the signs we're seeking. Signs (and lord knows, I look for them, too) connote's all too easy to forget that. How then to get to a place where one can be the sign AND the portal? (Loving these posts, E.)

P.S. I believe that so many Americans are swept up by Obama right now because he's a messenger who has suddenly reminded us that we ARE the government.


Evelyn, Have you ever read Language Thought and Reality by Benjamin Whorf? If not I highly recommend it. It’s out of print and hard to find but it’s one of the most important books of the 20th century. I think you would appreciate it.

Jen, writer

"Could we be the sign we desperately seek?" That line gives me the chills. Whether in a good or bad way, I still cannot say. But I can remember a couple of times when such a quote would have been helpful. To a friend who's been waiting for love for forever, to a sister who can't make up her mind whether or not to resign from work...


What is it all about

rachel ritchie

i dont really understand




I love this book. If you are someone who loves the Sleeping Beauty story, it's a must. The book itlesf is sturdy in hardback, and worth the investment. Rackham's artwork is funny, done in the silhouette style of black and white cut-out, enhanced with red and green inks for dramatic effect. It takes on a timeless look, reminding me of the end of the summer season. C.S. Evens tells the story in the fullest detail you will find, stretching it to 11 chapters. This is the romantic version, and talks nothing of wicked mothers or babies getting eaten up by ogres! Instead, this story begins with the princess's parents and the frog; it details the jobs of the servants and what goes in the castle, the 12 good fairies and the mad one The curse. The advice of the wizards, the destruction of the spinning wheels, the princess growing up, and the demise of the curse's reign. Of course, there are MANY princes that attempt to break the curse, but only ONE makes it through!

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