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Dec 12, 2007


Nancy Boyd

What a neat idea! I love this. And I am requesting a copy for a client gift. Here's my twitter address:

Let me know what else you need. I will also contribute to your gift fund Just Because :-)

May your own gifts overflow with goodness!


This sounds like a wonderful idea! I'm off to donate right away. Can I request a copy for a friend of mine as a surprise, rather than asking for a copy for myself? I'll just need to weasel his mailing address out of him without him catching on... ;)

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks everyone. It's not showing up the total yet, but there is $50 in matching gifts for a grand collaborative of $100.

Nancy, What a great idea to give this to a friend as a gift. You're on to the idea of circulation. No doubt a copy of "The Gift" shall find its way in your hands from another.

Ali, Thank you. If you can't gracefully extract a mailing address, then I can just ship to you and you can give to him (if he's in vicinity that is). No rush. There is enough in the piggy bank now for about 8 copies, or so, to be circulated out.

BTW, and respecitively above if you want to follow Nancy and Ali.

Rob La Gesse

@Evelyn. kr8tr on Twitter. But I don't want a free book either. Send one to a library for me (or a school, or whatever). I'll make a donation now.


Evelyn Rodriguez

This has been actually fun. Three books out tonight. Grand collaborative total of $300 (matching gifts were $150) as I write this. This covers about 10-11 books, including shipping.

Tomorrow: Pending fourth address from another. Then I'll make sure that I send one to Alvar Public Library on anonymous behalf of Rob (

Thanks all!

Evelyn Rodriguez

"The gift must always move." Ever notice clouds, rain, streams, torrents, currents, rivers, sea, mist -> cloud? You can also get a free book "The Gift" from publisher if you act before Dec 15th here. They also tout Dec 15th as Gift Day:

Where is my math? Duh, there's enough in kitty for about 22 books. More names and addresses please. Receiving is sweet part of the cycle too.


E - No need to send one to me...but if you'd like to circulate one on my behalf once you reach the Crescent City, that would be lovely. :)

Beth Dunn

Great idea! I'm all over twitter at - and I'd love a copy to share in my part of the world!


It would be great to get a copy. I'm

Jonathan Lethem writes a bit about the influence of the Gift here


Okey dokey, I'm in. Would love a free copy. Thanks!

(Would like to request that none of my details get passed on to third parties though... definitely want to avoid further accumulation of junk mail)


Lisa Guest

I'd like to receive the book. I'm in Long Beach, California. I just signed up for twitter, as journalisa, but can't seem to connect up with you there. My email is [email protected]. Thank you for this. Dennis Gallagher shared your info with me months ago and I've enjoyed your blog immensely.


Rita Patel

Love this idea. My twitter account is
Thank you! (can't wait to share it)


Thank you Evelyn for lighting the way.


I would love to receive a copy of "The Gift" with the full intention of passing it on. This is a wonderful idea. It gives me a renewed sense of possiblity about the world and participating in it. I came across your website by chance while researching another topic-- seems to be a timely/synchronistic discovery. I am enjoying your writing and of course, the art! A very heartfelt thanks to you and your contributers. I've signed on with Twitter--

Evelyn Rodriguez

Everyone thus far should have received an email or Twitter direct message from me by now asking for your address. If I haven't contacted you, please let me know. The first of the slew have been shipped - the majority will be shipped tonight, Dec 17th.

The fund and the offer are still good through December 25th. Spread the good cheer!

Evelyn Rodriguez

Everyone that gave me their address so far by stroke of midnight, Monday Dec 17th, will receive "The Gift" by Lewis Hyde (except the Hawaii order) by December 21st. Please make sure you give me your address if you've not so far.

There is more good cheer to spread! Please go ahead and tell your friends - this offer good through December 25th. There is no worry about "running out" before then. Where there is a will, there is a way. Rush forward with your hearts and you will shall see the infinitude we've so often veiled with our concept of limits and boundaries.

jose gomez

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