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Dec 06, 2007



I'm here by way of "Whiskey River."

"Unidentified Dancers" caught my eye, so I continued exploring and enjoying your blog. I was born in San Francisco and grew up in Redwood City for the most part, living on the SF Peninsula from 1957 to 1973. Appreciate your vision for a place I love and have been loved by, throughout my life. Will look for that book about Steinbeck's California.


I, too, am intrigued by short, short fiction...and I'd forgotten until I read this post that I'd picked up a book at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago...

...2nd book in left stack, "Sudden Fiction (continued)." Their first book was "Sudden Fiction International." It's an intriguing idea to convey story via fiction of 2000 words or less.


Beautiful post--that Thoreau quotation always makes me think of one of my favorite Muppet show clips with Harry Belafonte: (a particularly apt one for this week, perhaps, with Fozzie's comment at the end).

Thank you for the inspiration--

Evelyn Rodriguez

am, Thanks for stopping by. I so adore whiskey river - everyone, it's at - one of my VERY favorite blogs. I had no idea I was its "The Torrent" blogroll until you said so.

Funny, I often think in metaphors of water, be it torrents, rain, ocean, river, current, sea, current-sea, eddies, tsunamis. And I've always been afraid of water, at same time.

Anyhow, my vision is actually at a planetary level, but I go for the think globally, act locally mantra.

I'm actually in the midst of moving to New Orleans. It would take another post (and maybe I should write one) why I'm not pursuing it here in the Bay Area - but in nutshell the time is not ripe here - not yet. Although the land here, and its fruit - literally, scream Life. That will be hard to leave behind.

Marilyn, Will synchronicities never cease! Hardly amazes me anymore that we are in spiraling wavelengths with each other. Thanks!

Kristen, You are the second person yesterday to mention the Muppets (in other context chatting in Twitter about "heroes of the imagination" and she mentioned Jim Henson as a hero). That's a wonderful clip: I always believe the world would end and be reborn in fire ;-)


In early November, I flew to New Orleans for the first time to visit my sister who lives 1-1/2 hours east of there on the Gulf Coast. She used to talk about moving back to California when she retired but now feels that the Gulf Coast is home. All I know is that my energy as an artist was renewed by spending time there. It may have had something to do with seeing pelicans again.

ulysses of the highs sees what is unseen

aloha eve11 i lost your # again and am not ready by a computer but i found your virtual existence you know how many eve rods there is lots anyhoo found you and will be in contact ciao ps may you have lotsa holy happy days pss do you have new years plans

Evelyn Rodriguez

Hey Ulysses, Cosmic telepathy works, eh? So good to hear from you - I didn't want to hit the road without reconnecting. I have a car that I'm taking to NOLA now (it's a drop-off for a friend's sister). So I can come visit in S.F. or Oakland. My number is 408-513-7324 - but I won't keep this comment up for ever, so write it down again. I am hoping to take off to NOLA on Jan 1st latest. Going to SF this week could work for me, lemme know when is good time.


Thanks for dropping by. The photo of a postbox isn't mine. I borrowed it from google images But it looks a lot like my local post box.

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