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Dec 18, 2007



I believe more of our troubles start because people don't have "their space", their own time for their own purposes.

In the business area people's time and creative "space" tends to get very tight and restricted which, IMHO, leads to apathy and general lack of interest.

When this happens in our personal lives I believe it leads to depression, anxiety and hosts of other ailments.

We all need our own bit of space.

Michael Pokocky

I have declared my last post, the internet is dead+ on my blogs.
I agree with you that "space" my space of which I know very well and have been away from since I got on to the net five years ago.
I am free!
What a day and thanks Evelyn,
my url gives out my blogs and sites which I will leave for the way back machine. Glad I didn't decide to publish my books on the net. Going to send the first of 10 written to New York. Wish me luck.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Matt, Thank you. There is a reason I'm a bohemian bum, and not a corporate queen these days. Yet, I know folks with wads of time on their hands, and they can still "escape" from this spaciousness that I'll not even try to pin down in name. (TV, addictions, shopping, apathy, dropping out and sundry other mass distractions.) Some days I am that "folks" I speak of that escapes. Lack of time's an easy a target. I think of a Twitter friend today who wrote: "In third grade, Sister Rose told me constantly, "Look before you leap, ____." It's still repeated to me oftentimes today..."

I wrote back: "Just leap. The gap is the ground of your own being."

That is more the "space" I was aiming for in this post.

Michael, Corporate America. The Internet. Easy targets.

But the Internet, boy, oh, boy do I have a hard time keeping it real there. Don't know why. Yet, I've written some heartfelt emails. A few soulful haiku figments. The common factor: ME. Where was I that moment? Was I really present, was I really Presence?

Writing on the Internet is really challenging. But something tells me it's my medium. Maybe it's video - spoken word, street theatre storytelling, yet to explore. Blogging, though? Now, if only I could remember that writers don't need to be paper mill experts, nor study the nuances of mulching trees to make a page - if I can stay out of the "Internet" as an industry, and just simply USE it, period. I might have half a chance.

I think where the Internet as a medium (not Industry) shines is in sharing the very present. This moment. Not past, not future. Real-time. Uber-Zen. The challenge is we must meet it with our spontaneity, or it doesn't click.

Very good fore-tune to you (preferred to fickle luck)! I think there is more interesting things than even books or the Net coming down the pike for all that love baring their soul whether it be screen or page or voice or whoknows, and I can't wait. So I'm doing it, and, we're doing it. By experimenting, exploring...creating as we go...

Jay, writer

This is a very deep post. I consider myself a writer but I'm not sure if I have successfully tapped into that space yet. The way you describe it, it's almost like a trance. Almost but not quite. And I happen to agree that women have this uncanny ability to be more sensitive to small gestures and changes in mood.

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