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Dec 14, 2007



I'd love to be a receiver! I really appreciate the gift you are offering. :) You can email me at blessingconspiracy at hotmail dot com.

I've been a subscriber to your blog for a few months now and I am so grateful for how often you make me think about generosity, art and gifting in different ways. Thank you for being authentic to your unique voice in the world and sharing it with the rest of us.

Blissings, April


> Yes, you can even try out the whole cycle- > both give and receive - it's up to you.

My first impulse was to contribute to the project because it fit with the "different" type gifting I've been practicing this holiday season. My second impulse was to buy the book from Amazon and, indeed, it's still sitting in my shopping cart there. My third impulse, after reading one of your comments about receiving, was to try allowing myself to receive from the same project to which I had just contributed. It feels good! Too often, I think we associate receiving with "charity" and reject it as some kind of insult. Maybe we should practice simply giving thanks more often.

Thank you, Evelyn...and thanks to the other contributors to the "Gift" project! I can't wait to receive my book. :) It already seems so much more magical than having it arrive with several other books from my Amazon cart...


It is a blessing to be a subscriber to your blog and read the creative, unique, and meaningful expressions that you post, making available new insights to your readers. If I may, I would like to join the ranks of the commenters and receivers who are being blessed with 'The Gift' by Lewis Hyde and I appreciate your time, generosity, and involvement with this project. May you be blessed with the deepest meaning, happiness, and fulfillment in this holiday season! Please contact me at the e-mail address I have provided for any and all relevant information you need so that you can get the book to me. Thanks again.

Maria Papacostaki

I'm requesting a copy of The Gift.


I'm open to receiving the book and live in the U.S. Thanks!

Pamela Deans

I would love to participate in the full cycle of The Gift ... as I missed the UK deadline can I ask that you pass on a copy to a US recipient or university or library?

Thank you for all your writing this year, looking forward to sharing 2008.

David Grapka

I train teachers to use technology to help all kids, bur especially kids with disabilities. I am reinventing my training by incorporating clips of teachers in classrooms from various movies (e.g., Dead Poet's Society, Blackboard Jungle, Mona Lisa Smile, and . . . Pay It Forward). "The Gift" sounds as if it is a book that I can use with my use of video modeling with my audiences of teachers to get them to be more sensitive and planful to address the diversity in their classes. Thank you for the offer.


The day I was in the United Nation on Climate Change Conference, Nusa Dua Bali. Bali Island will gift Poznan City will give Copenhagen City the art by means of Bali Road Map if the ethical sector to be committed. Happy 2008.

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