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Oct 08, 2007



Hi, Evelyn (this is Ali, "Aortography" on Twitter). I just wanted to say I find both your twitters and your blog (which I've only just discovered) heartening and inspiring. Your vision of a global community of artists and creators echoes the kind of ideals I have always embraced. Just wanted to express me appreciation and thanks.

(Also, love the still life paintings you included in this post. I've recently discovered a secret desire to learn to draw, and I've found that attempting such work opens up a whole new awe for the visual arts that I've long had for poetry and music. Im continually amazed that so many people can walk around willfully oblivious to how beautiful the world is! Working to wake up that wonder and gratitude...)

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25 yr old West Covina-born and raised Vitalia Passley prefers it on-line games, dancing. Lastly, her enthusiasm arises from discovering and visiting new cities and in particular to Singapore.

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