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Sep 24, 2007


Michael Pokocky

I found this post most important because what is truth if truth cannot be shared. It is in the sharing that the evolution of our humanity will move forward to greet the great truth that all of us must accept at some point and that is we are here on this planet to evolve and to find community in concentric circles based on trust and love.


That makes me think of "The Dialog" by David Bohm. He is proposing to "let emerge" truth or evidence or insight through the gathering.

Mimi Lenox

What an amazing site and presence you have in the blogosphere. The theme of friendship, unity, learning, experiencing truth, sharing, communing and me hope and impetus for the Peace Globe project I've been working on since last year. A collection, a "gathering" of ideas and exchanges of peace and expression from across the world.
I hope you will participate in November.

I love the spirit of this blog.
Mimi Lenox
Founder of BlogBlast For Peace

Evelyn Rodriguez

Michael, Thanks so much. What you wrote also had me thinking what is absolute or relative truth if it cannot be embodied and expressed in a human, in all matter of sentient things, carousing and communing among the world? So many seek enlightenment as escape "from" - but it's a homecoming - to embraced and upheld by kinfolk of the cosmos. Enlightenment/truth is really fully freeing until it is a lived truth.

Atao, Thanks. Yes, and I like Bohm's implicate order explanations too. We end up being mirror of what we have to learn, what we have to teach, what we have to heal, what is eternally whole to each other.

Thanks Mimi, I will def check out your website and see what you have seeping for November. Peace (beyond the absence of war) sounds so blase, bland, static, perhaps boring (to me too), so sometimes I like to envision "peace" as a fine-tuned harmony or within an orchestra, or a smooth spontaneous jazz improvization - all much better than discordance and jumbled noise!

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