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Aug 31, 2007


Tiago Silveira

Hi, Evelyn! Have you seen the almost spontaneous YouTube micro-movement "make art not war"? It was initiated by the user littleloca and it has very little to do with your original post, but I thought it might interest you, specially the part she says something like "there will always be cheaters and there's nothing you can really do about it, so keep doing what you do." It's like someone finally translated the old wisdom into a language that teenagers can use without loosing their "coolness".

All the best,

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks, so much Paul for your kind words!

Tiago. Thanks so much. I listened to littleloca's vid, and a few others. I do think it IS related. (My thing: I'm into experiential art more so than art as object. Even this "writing" into a blog, or anything lasting is secondary to what I do.) I expect that we'll be writing poetry, or sketching in notebooks at the teas - especially the ones in gardens. The disarming of conflicts start within us, ripples to those closest to us, and keeps on keeping on until it reaches the shores of the Middle East and beyond.

This morning I awoke to escalating yells of a spat between a father and his daughter in the neighborhood. Iraq starts at home, right HERE, right NOW.

So I recommend, everyone, littleloca's ART, Not WAR vid:

For context, it seems like there was a bit of a spat (guessin' there are always flamers and mockers - I've seen it firsthand too) from what she alludes to.

"Why is everyone tripping over, like, all this drama? There is going to be cheaters out there."

littleloca says she enjoy coming to YouTube and its community to get away from the "war" out there [she ain't talking about Iraq], she uses YouTube to chill, it's her "little haven." She showing a canvas bag with screened on letters that reads "Make Art Not War."

"That's why we came here for," (YouTube, blogs, etc.)..."Use the fuel that everyone has right now in this e-war to be creative with, please."

"We're one big family out here, so let's act like it."

Check it out. Thanks again Tiago!


thx for the kudos

fyi, spelling in Worcester

the lost_poet

A very well written and presented blog, I really liked it. What I liked the most is what you are saying to the world.

Adding you to my blog's link list, hope you don't mind.


You have a beautiful blog, which I hit upon looking for - of all things - the worst day of the year to fly, and I landed on some 2005 post of yours.

Tea, not war. Yeah...

hardcore gay fetish

Space Exploration Benefits Our World, costs too much

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