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Aug 06, 2007



Evokes Eric Burdon's "Spill the Wine" and his field of tall grass. Mr. Bucke's fine book is on point, one of the first that I read that came close to explaining Whitman and others and the well from which they drew. The Transcendentalists rocked their world. Emerson, Thoreau, and then Whitman. Bucky's great aunt Margaret Fuller was also in the mix.
The sixties was headed that way until madison avenue and wall street co-opted it. But the big splash of spiritual energy let loose forty years ago continues to work in mysterious ways in our world. Dream large, Dream large.


Evelyn, I think I love you. Could you ever love a coffee drinker who eschews tea? ;o)

This is a fabulous blog. I eagerly await each post.


Beautiful post. The image drew me in, and the quotes filled me up. Thanks for a good morning.


Evelyn, here is a special link i think you might appreciate. Steve is a close friend of mine. We inspire each other.
He you remind me a lot of him. Can we be friends?

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