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Jul 19, 2007



There is no purer example of the gift economy than the Potlatch. The Native Americans of the Puget Sound lived their entire lives around the Potlatch. A person or clan would work for months, sometimes years building and creating artifacts and storing food in order to give a potlatch and give it all away. They lived as the lilies of the field, taking no care for the morrow, because somebody would be throwing another potlatch. My website has a novel, Daily Bread, the Story of Jasper's Box, which is about ATM machines that come to earth and give everyone $100 a day. The Prolog takes the Potlatch as its inspiration. Good to read your words again.


A complementary take on your post that might interest your readers:

The Gift: The Form and Reason for Exchange in Archaic Societies by Marcel Mauss.

Vaspers the Grate (abrasive to falsehood)

This is precisely why I give abundantly of my insights, web analysis, socnet testing, computer music, digital art...

...NEVER seeking to "protect" my various arts from "takers" or "remixers".

I think the idea of the talent AND the work produced as Gifts is key to the new online Share Economy, that goes far beyond idealistic communism.

I speak of a Super Spiritual Communism, to piss off both Mammonists and Marxists. We share on Twitter, blogs, forums, email, live streaming video, YouTube, all over the New Reality Dimension of the Web.

We share freely and abundantly, not in fear of poverty, but in joy of giving.

Sure, we must pay our bills, but 70% of my effort goes into making things to give away for free. Only 30% of my labor is directed toward profits, like working for my employer. I hours at job, then another 10 hours a day at home working on freely distributed gifts to all the world via the web.

I spend much time and effort making computer music with free Audacity audio editor, then putting free mp3s of it on multiple sites and via Pownce.

Infinite Creativity is what a real artist taps into, so "protecting" and "limited distribution" and elitism for a tiered moneyed group is ridiculous.

Vaspers the Grate (abrasive to falsehood)

And real enduring art is often a snapshot of the times in which it was made, yet also somehow detached at the same time, thus "difficult", "outsider", "avant garde", "artsy", hence unpopular.

Most great art is done in suffering, struggle, obscurity, pain, deprivation, the opposite of Maslows stupid Hierarchy of Needs.

Artists defy Maslow theory, and put creative goals above physical and emotional needs.


I listened to another audiobook during my commute last week: The 4-Hour Work Week. The author discusses the idea of separating the financing of our lives from the living of our lives...and concentrating the financial aspect to the smallest amount of time possible with the greatest amount of freedom possible. As a bonus, he even gives plenty of practical advice and resources to help one make great progress toward such a goal.

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