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Jul 03, 2007


Nick Smith

Wow Evelyn, there's a whole epiphany wrapped up in that tiny little 'Update' at the end of your post. "Yes, it's too good to be true"... It is isn't it? Just follow joy and don't worry about the rest.

The power of myth can snare us into believing that the journey entails sacrifice and effort. The mind quickly passes "follow your bliss" off as a great philosophy but not the literal truth. The eye will jump straight to the next sentence to find out 'how' in it's inability to comprehend those three little words - that we need only follow what makes us happy in each moment.

Maybe the dark night of the soul is unavoidable... I don't really know... by it is definitely of our own making.

Thanks Evelyn. Have a wonderful day.


I wonder what it was your, if anything, your inner storyteller was yearning to plot, other than to obtain dark chocolate and tea.

I hope you have a stellar Independence Day!

Evelyn Rodriguez

Yeah, you're right. The idea of the descent in the Hero's Journey is a pretty well-known narrative, for Story, and for Soul. So too in Kabbala, so too in Tarot: the arduous journey given to us from Fool to Universe is fraught with a few days we might not feel like skipping and rejoicing. At least that's the way myth goes.

I don't know if the Abyss (as Kabbala likes to deem "dark night of the soul") is or isn't avoidable in past; it was def there in vivid technicolor epic movie slow frame by excruciating slow frame for me prior 2006. Until I realized I was watching a projected movie! And it's darkest before dawn they say ;-) Things have gotten so much brighter, radiant, let's say since.

There is a world soul, and a cosmic soul, and well, that's enough for now. And they've evolved through the Hero's Journey too. I have this felt sense that the descent is no longer necessary. We've all been there, in this lifetimes and times past. The prison door is wide open, it is ours to choose to walk through. There is much to also be learnt in the acts of intentional play and creation, the journey isn't over, it just expands into an infinite playground. Too many (me at times) stuck in old patterns of drudgery and efforting, which is keeping us from the way the movement wants to flow now into greater and greater magic and miracles. We're looping old, ancient stories, insteading of inventing fresh ones.

This is a snippet from one of my teachers:

"Even many spiritual seekers still think in terms of effort, of trials and tests. But there is no longer any key needed to open the door. It cannot now be closed.

This change is so simple and fundamental it is easy to overlook. It is not a problem to be solved. There is nothing to be learned, no steps to success. Something is being given freely, with no strings attached. All that is required is for each of us to say "yes."" - Sufi master Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee, Working with Oneness
(More at

Loofa, "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." - Annie Dillard. Even I find it hard to grasp that chocolate and strawberries and moonlight spice white tea is actually just as sacred and as preciously exquisite as anything else She could plot. Drama is overrated. Though I sense we shall be seeing quite a bit o' drama next few years. But in a dynamically peaceful way. More later. Taking to heart that more folks would like vicarious thrill of knowing more about my visions, et al. Okay okay.

Somewhat an aside, from other offline comments I received, I find it amusing how many people take my offhand remarks about young men quite seriously, whilst dismissing my comments about faerie and fifth dimensions as Evelyn's whimsy and poetical license.


I believe once I get out of the way of myself and allow the present moment of just being to manifest then and only then am I happy. I crave my solitude and so much so that after writing 10 books and I have the ISBN numbers to prove it, I have not published them because I am in solitude so much that the writing takes over and there is no time for the packaging and all the work to get published. I lately though have experienced this knowing that I am going to start doing the work so I guess this might be the year I will release my first book. The feeling is a good feeling and it feels good to know why this new direction might be happening. Could this be another side of bliss?


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