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Jul 17, 2007


Nick Smith

"Tell it in your own words: poetry - not gospel."

Oh.. and I can tell you, you do that so well. We're all the richer for that Evelyn. Oodles of gratitude.


hmm, the beast. i was discussing the nightmare i had before i got married...of meeting the devil and being terrified. now i know that i had met a deep forbidden part of myself. but wow, years of religious upbringing take some time to work out of the system.

again, i must be riding in a car on the same train as you :) wouldn't that be nice.


I had a similar nightmare about six months ago involving my shadow anima. She was a prostitute with worms crawing around under her skin. She gave me a blow job. Today I drew the Sun card in regards to this subject. I now am a participant in healings.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thank you for the kind words, Nick. I mean we have enough people out there telling us how to think and be.

Eve, Yep. I don't even "have" dreams (that I remember anyhow); so two days in a row seemed significant. (The previous day was more vivid, I remember it well and it was beautiful.) I think we ARE on the same train. If an artist would to do a rendition of the beast, it'd feel demonic.

I didn't lay it out in so many words, but my beast has to do with power, and assuming that others know better than I my own path. Giving away my authority, sovereignty. Time to step up to my authority: I am the author of my life. The universe is the book. My instincts are my map. Trust MY instincts, no matter if everyone else is heading off a cliff and dragging me while chanting that's the one true Way.

Mystic, Remember a long while ago I said this blog would not be for muggles? Your comment just doesn't ring true. Especially last sentence. When have you NOT been a participant? Also it's also projecting when one minute I'm the Goddess/heroine and another time, I'm the wicked Witch/villian. As Ramana Maharsi said, "There are no others."

You cannot possess the anima. You realize you are every character in the dream (or in your case, your imaginal creation - which is same difference.)

The beast was some sort of 'entity' now that I think about it in a Carlos Castenada way: an Ally that challenges you to grow. It has no gender. Or perhaps my beast was feminine. Doesn't really matter whatsoever. All I remember is it was terrifying. There was no sexuality in the dream itself. The metaphor of making love is that it's the opposite of running away as fast as your legs can take you. Confront your fears face on.

Wouldn't be a bad idea to get outside in the sun more. Create, that's the anima speaking, create - don't putrify and rot in stagnation.

Evelyn Rodriguez

I think if the beast was to appear in another dream again, this time we'd be on same team.

Perhaps we'd be handing out free T-shirts. Ever seen the ones that go: "You're not the boss of me." These would read: "You're not the Messiah of me."


Muggles? LOL. If only you knew. The anima may speak creation but the SHADOW anima is just the opposite. Here's what I suggest you do: transform the beast and merge with him.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Mystic, Merging's an illusion. Already AM every character in every dream in every universe, including this Dream, dreamer.

I Am.


Wow. That's pretty good, Evelyn. No just kidding. If you see the Buddha on the road I suggest you kill him.

Evelyn Rodriguez

I meet the Buddha in the road all the time. The man in the wheelchair in Tenderloin talking to the crackhead. Both Buddhas. The teenager stepping out just now from Abercombie & Fitch, a living breathing Buddha. The road and the daffodils trimming is Buddha. Maybe time to shrug off killing, and just bless everything as it is. Even Buddhas confused about their identity doesn't change it.


Sure you did. I hate to tell you sweet heart absolute being can not be evidenced. Only Ego. Especially in you case these days. If you keep talking like this I'm afraid you might come around asking us to drink some of your kool aid. Shucks, I thought I was the solipsist in the universe.

Evelyn Rodriguez

I don't separate the ego from "All That Is": that's a very old enduring story of duality. Previous was MY actual experience this specific afternoon written from my mobile: meeting buddhas and witnessing blessings in Nob Hill, in Tenderloin, at Westfield Mall...

Your mileage may vary. No one can make you drink the Kool-Aid.

I've noted this discourse is getting very very very far removed from poetry. Sounding too much of philosophy and spirituality books I tossed.

What was the name of that red flower between the honeysuckles and angel trumpets I walked by fifteen minutes ago is what I want to know.

Nick Smith

Hey mystic7, what's with you?

You're offered the hand of friendship and truth here, but you want to play your sad and lonely little games instead! Can't you see it's only yourself you're screwing with.. and it's your own Love you turn your back on?

Go easy my friend and Godspeed.

The Laker

11.11h in London is 3.11h in SF.

Balaji Sowmyanarayanan

Off topic maybe. But think you might be interested.
This recommendation is based on me following you(eve11) on twitter.

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