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Jul 27, 2007



That makes me think about tools. Tools everywhere in the civilization. How do we create without tools?

vaspers aka steven e. streight

Avant garde composer Iannis Xenakis was a pioneer in mathematical music composing, algorhythmic patterns.

Stochastic is the term he used for the algebraic "chaos" of rain pattering on a tin roof, the seemingly random, yet oddly structured music of crickets, cicadas, frogs, other natural phenomena.

Xenakis was also a pioneer of noise music and modern architecture.

andrew inglis

Your thoughts on architecture remind me of the studies of John James on Chartres Cathedral (all angles and planes?),and others noting that any given architecture often directly reflects musical structures of the originating culture by way of selection of certain vibrations (or resonances) for specific frequencies). I once had an acquaintance with someone very gifted (2 Ph'D's) who both understood and wrote theoretical music for avant garde electronica, whilst understanding polyphonic splendour of traditional (non western)music sources. Of course there is all the wonder of the harmonia musica and the cosmological beliefs of the music of the heavenly spheres which (wrongly) led poor old Kepler on the long path to discovering ellipses and other intrigues of astronomy.
Curiosity ( a city of curios?) is a heaven sent gift that makes all of us aspirant poets and scribes: the songlines by Bruce Chatwin about the stories of Aboriginal dreamings and the preciousn "connectedness" underlying it all confirm that humans(& other species) are well attuned to earth movements. It was observed by many that few land animals were hurt in the 2006 asian Tsunamis as most anumals went protectively to higher ground.
I Enjoy the blog , but sometinmes find myself in a sort of hippy groundhog day cross betwen seventies album covers (Jethro Tull. Donovan, and the madnesses of Rimbaux, baudelaire, the Romantacists, Victorian erotica, Odilon Redon and and early "Freres Lumiere" films. Sometimes I think the Steiner schools needs to be held to account ( as believing they monopolise Sophia Mundi) , because we all like narratives ( narrow tives?) and cake and ales. Maybe the net is more like a mediaeval carnival and we still need the jesters and fools even if jester Bob led the way. of course reality might break through from time tto time.

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