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Jun 07, 2007



Girl, you are on FIRE!

- nadine


Thanks for a wonderful post. And in particular the auditory clip by John Paul Young. I think it allowed my auditory modality to more fully get your message-it set me free. It's great that you're a Yogini.


For me the summer of love came sitting on an irrigation pipe next to an apricot orchard in the Salinas Valley. It was about 90 and the pipe was cool with running water and the Kink's "Sunny Afternoon" came on, "save me, save me, save me from this squeeze" cause "I can't sail my yacht, they've take everything I got, all I got's this sunny afternoon." blaring out of my portable radio. The sunny afternoon was really all I needed. I was taken away from it all, the burning fatigue and I knew that something was going on that I knew absolutely nothing about. Dream large, dream large. Viva la disconquista. Life at the cross roads burns so hot, but the heat is so far out.


Hello me as you,
You called?;)I just landed here today out of the blue...and reading parts of your blog with nodding head smiling I feel I'm supposed to say your birthday ring is ready?.;)
Funny this waking dream stuff isn't it.
with love,
you as me

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