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Jun 29, 2007



Some quotes from Dana Gioia's commencement speech:

"A child who spends a month mastering Halo or NBA Live on Xbox has not been awakened and transformed the way that child would be spending the time rehearsing a play or learning to draw."

("awakened" and "transformed" you say?)

"Art addresses us in the fullness of our being—simultaneously speaking to our intellect, emotions, intuition, imagination, memory, and physical senses. There are some truths about life that can be expressed only as stories, or songs, or images."

"Art awakens, enlarges, refines, and restores our humanity."

Entire text here:

Michael Palmer

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Your writing and thoughts are exactly the kind of material we enjoy reading. Your cafe description is wonderful. I just wanted to say thanks. It is always wonderful to see others from the tribe who exist is this world that are not so blind to it's beauty.

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