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Jun 29, 2007


Adam Kayce : Monk At Work

Hi Evelyn,

"plumb my own innate wisdom" — that's a great learning edge (and I'm not just saying that because that's what I teach!). I think that's a deep inner call, and I just want to honor that and cheer you on.

You've also got some fantastic quotes in here... I particularly love the Coleman Barks story, and the Basho poem.

Thanks for keeping the tagging going; I'd love to see what they have to see as well (particularly Nick, since I just came across his site myself recently, and was touched by lots of things he had to say).


Great post!

Makes me think of Shakira's Hips Don't Lie and the complete abandon that comes from grooving with the music. You learn so much from watching how people dance - do they release to the spirit/music - and let it flow through them?

Also, brought to mind Elvis' first TV appearance, River Dance, etc and the "fear" of the power of the hips - the repression of sensual dance (usually centered on the hips - the valley of creation)

Ah, you've sparked so much to think about (as always!)


Oh, Evelyn. You write the most wonderful invitations. How can I help but respond?


What a lovely post and what a temptress you are Evelyn!!

I've got more projects than God at the moment but seeing as I've suddenly gone all submissive... ;-)

PS. may have to wait a little while.


Just catching up on a bunch of posts here, so just saw the tag. Will definitely let this idea simmer to see what boils up. Thanks.

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