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May 17, 2007



For some real fun, try giving money away, and watch how fast it comes back to you. ;^)

Evelyn Rodriguez

I wholeheartedly agree. My Wealth started turning around (but this isn't about quid pro quo) when I gave without strings attached to (a) whatever/whoever spiritually fed me whether that was a trio belting their harmonica and voices on the streets the French Quarter from their soul this Easter Sunday or whether it's the owners of a magical synchronicity community hub/cafe etc etc or (b) and those who walk up to me out of the blue - especially when there is a crowd and they single me out - You need $3 for the washing machine at the shelter, sure. I figure there is no accident they've asked me for help. I try to make sure to give to those that also have similar philosophy of flow & sharing, and refrain from buying or giving to those whom would cut this flow and hoard it for their own sense of "security".

This philosophy is clearly illustrated in the true story inspired book, The Diamond Cutter.

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