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May 25, 2007



You have a beautiful and imaginative blog.


Beautiful post, Evelyn, and a very nice reminder. Thank you.

Bonnie Faye

Hi Evelyn,

I really appreciate your way of expressing yourself, so real....... and gentle. The strong mark of sincerity I felt in your writing.

I am learning a lot from your blog, and with that I want to thank you dearly.

I admire writers, it's a gift I believe and not merely skill. With it, your soul is printed whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction. There would always be a drop of yourself even in fiction.

How I wish, I can talk to you one day.

Bonnie Faye

Richa Puranik

A Parahgraph On What Life Would Be Like If There Were No Trees


This is not how I would have said it, but it is well said, and profoundly true.

You are an intrepid spirit.

I stopped by quite by accident, but - as you say - oviously the wind blew me here, and here was where I was supposed to be this morning.


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