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May 21, 2007



I was thoroughly engrossed reading this post. So many thoughts and images to take in and ponder. Fantastic quote about building wings on the way down after taking the leap - thanks.


Evelyn said:

" 'Ask your heart what's right. And follow it'.

That's on my housemate's refrigerator magnet. They're the sagest words I've ever seen. In fact I think my whole life (and certainly the life of this blog) is a never-ending exploration of practicing, encouraging and embodying that.

'And follow it', being the very hardest part."

There is another way of looking at this: you could simply embrace ALL life presents to you, in ALL its forms, ALWAYS, and want THAT and only THAT. This dispenses with 'right' and 'wrong', 'practicing', 'encouraging', 'embodying' and the need to 'follow' - life then follows you.

The transformative power of this Openness, this unconditional Love of Life, is breathtaking. And life suddenly becomes incredibly easy.

This is what your heart, deep down, really longs for.

"Try as I may
I have nothing to say.
Every word is a lie:
the Truth is silent.
I am weary of the effort.
All I want is this silence,
undivided by hope
or by history.

Stripped of every word
desire comes to rest,
not moving from fulfillment.
A life lived so quietly, speaks for itself
needing no embellishment."


Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks so much for your kind words, Anna.

Rudy, thanks too. I was definitely writing from a dissatisfied state of mind yesterday. I actually have used that quote before, yet last time I said that was just training wheels version - after a while, following the Heart becomes what's commonly called second nature (or, our very unborn unblemished unadorned essential nature). It's not a dictum, or command, or technique.

I am playing, experimenting with the toys of Will, Desire, Creating lately though (without attachment is the tricky, and sticky, part). We'll see where it takes us.

"The transformative power of this Openness, this unconditional Love of Life, is breathtaking." Yes, the other thing I am doing is noting how conditioned it is that I rush to block this Openness, and then one can easily have days - maybe upon days - of stuckness and confusion instead.


Hyper dimensional meridian points? I like it--sounds like geomancy to me.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Hey mystic,
The meridian lines are like circuitry in our bodies, we're electromagnetic beings. So this physical vehicle 'we' inhabit can be multi-dimensional. And yes, then we become attuned to the seven planets & the music of the spheres - but it's not exactly geomancy. Uh, well, as I said I'm not qualified to explain it, I just followed along and did it. It's more in line with DNA activation and merkaba.


Acupuncturists attest to certain meridian lines in the body. And they also point to the Earth's body as a whole having these meridian lines. Although I am not an authority on merkaba, I get a sense there could be a relationship between Merkaba and some aspects of Geomancy. I've had experiences in specific locations- usually in natural locations but not limited to them- where these locations seem to have a heighten meaning. You might even say they're hyperdimentional. These locations usually evoke a whole body experience of nostalgia, sentimentality, and wholeness or completion. When I step away from the location the feeling quickly dissipates. This summer, I will probably go to the Blue Ridge mountains where I know of several of these locations.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Perhaps, there is a connection to geomancy, I don't know.The particular work I came back to the Bay Area in mid-May was focused on the body as a temple rather than a temple as a space-time place to go to (embodying the symbolic meaning of the Ankh). It's about evolving our DNA through tuning into sacred hyperdimensional geometrical structures.

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