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Apr 09, 2007



And there's Buckminster Fuller's notion of ephemeralization, the tendency in nature to do more with less. Synergy, tensegrity, and ephemeralization. The unifying forces of the age.


Ephemeral is the way of the nature...
Anthony de Mello said:
"Some people write to make a living; others to share their insights or raise questions that will haunt their readers; others yet to understand their very souls. None of these will last. That distinction belongs to those who write only because if they did not write they would burst... These writers give expression to the divine - no matter what they write about."

There is nothing wrong with ephemeral as long as it attempts to be an expression to the divine.


Dear Sister,

I would advise you to be more careful of whose words you are posting on your personal blog.

Marc Gafni is a long time known sex offender.
He molested 2 minors as well as sexually and emotionally abused many women from within his community.
Last year he fled Israel to avoid criminal charges after 3 women from his community submitted complains against him in the police.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Sister, I am not aware of the criminal charges and allegations. What I am aware of that Marc's book, Soul Prints, spoke to me in a time of my dark night of the soul (the quote I pull from a Sept 2004 post) and that is why it is included above. Yesterday, I happened to run across a book Erich Fromm wrote about the Karl Marx, a very effusive book of admiration for Marx. Not that I would condone Marc's behavior and I feel a connection to the women having experienced some sexual aggression and attempted 'date' (more like friend) rape, yet I cannot my self any longer sit in condemnation of any sentient being because the truth is I no longer see Sister, Brother, Other out there, only the Child of God. Last year, people would tell me I was a lightworker, the funny thing is that what that means in practice is doing shadow work over and over and over again. Mother Teresa was once asked how she could be so selfless and compassionate: "One day I saw the Hitler within me." Although we are coming to the end of karma in this age, it is an very enlightening read to pick up "The Law of Love," by Laura Esquivel. I read it when I first arrived in New Orleans five weeks ago. & it is no accident that this city has its lion's share of the dark, and I am here.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Arkielogy, I love Bucky. I was not aware of his concept of ephemeralization, which isn't exactly what I was thinking, but even there is a minimalistic sensibility to ephemeral-ness.

Peter, Another great hero: I adore de Mello. Sometimes I wonder whether we need any record of or any capture of art? My concept of ephemeral art has a subcategory for art one that is not possessable....which is true of the divine. But express rather than possess, yes, there is a divinization of matter happening, and maybe there is something eternal, immortal there?


Are you willing to accept words of truth from someone who is not living that same truth he is preaching?

Many of the materials appearing in Soul Prints, the majority of his personal experiences shared in this book are in fact not his own…. I should know for I helped him collect many of them….

I guess this comes back to the ancient question: "should we separate the message from the messenger"?

(And please don't label Marc's sexual behavior to "aggression" or "date rape"…It is far from it…)

Evelyn Rodriguez

Sister, then it is sounding then that Gafni did not in fact collect, and perhaps not even write, much of the messages in that book? I resonated with the message, and I do not know the messenger as an individual expression. Perhaps the message came from another source. Do you think I, Evelyn can even claim to write my most inspired writing?

Yet I do know a lightworker does not witness to a sinner, but a fellow angel in a dark place who needs gentle reminding of the light. This is the talk I walk and I don't really veer any longer. As my teacher says, one person that truly sees the Buddha-nature in you is worth more than 10,000 books of scripture.

Rare is the person that walks their talk now that you bring that up. It is advisable to follow a Master's living example than any of their proported scriptures or sutras.


the comments suggesting that Marc Gafni did not write Soul Prints are crazy. His former wife chaya did some research for the book very little of which was used. I was in touch with Gafni at that time and afterwards. Gafni has been teaching and lecturing about Soul Prints since he was twenty eight, many years before he met Chaya. Anyone who has ever heard him teach knows he is a warm loving and beautiful being. And like many great teachers - complex and working it out.

The stories about sexual abusing mimors are absurd as well. One story comes from a girl gafni met when he was 19; the girl was 14 in the first year of highscool. To not mention that in your post sister is a terrible thing to do..and the second is distorted in a really big way as well. I went out with Gafni and had a relationship with him some years back. The idea that he would ever sexually abuse somenoe is just like saying that Clinton is a Rebublican or whatever. The stuff on the web from Luke Ford Vicki Polin and the like is distorted crap. Google them and find out who they are. Is Gafni flawed -I am sure of that but not more then Zalman Schachter, Arthur Waskow or his former wife whom I have met. You just have to read his formers wife's publically posted attack on him to know why he divorced. Who would want to be married to that.

Sister to Cary

What happened to freedom of speech?

Evelyn Rodriguez

This isn't a public square for flogging and hangings, sorry "Sister to Cary". You have entered a personal blog, like a personal journal or diary, by an individual which is pretty darn close to walking into someone's living room. Except there is a "open house" sign placed out front. Like even neighborhood gathering places and cafes and pubs, there is a "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" policy. We're about creating and life here, not destroying and death. It's impossible to create from a space of unforgiveness and the holding of past grievances. I'm about Bryon Katie's The Work, and looking at our own projections, not spreading defamatary remarks about others (as if "Other" really exists outside "Self").

It's common for a blogger to close comments and trackbacks after a week or a few weeks max. This post is from April 2007.

The past is over the very next day this will be clear.

I wish that each of you involved with Marc -- whom I don't know whatsoever and he doesn't know me, nor read this blog, and this entry had nothing whatsoever to do with Marc -- are able to know the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Freedom of speech in the 21st century means you can voice your own voice in your own space, and become a creator, too. They're free at

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