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Mar 16, 2007



"She can and will most definitely wreak havoc with any self-images and opinions you may cherish about yourself..." This phrase LEAPED out at me. I've had the opposite experience you self-images have been of someone who would feel MOST comfortable in..."Clawfoot tubs, peeling chipped paint, bright magneta and chartreuse shutters loose and askew on hidges, cockroaches lounging by the toilet, grim lined gutters with broken brown beer glass, the music of riverboat calliope blurring with the long train horn, Washington Park jugglers, apocalytic-coutured junk-band musicians, block parties with cheap California box wine..." And when I've lived from that place, I've been truly happy. What I rub up against is extraordinary pressure from others who don't share my self-image...who constantly try to convince me that that's NOT who I am. For some reason, those innate desires make a lot of people uncomfortable.

So pleased to see my pal Leah's artwork here. She's a font of creative inspiration...and a delight.


thank you so much for using my artwork. It was such a sweet surprise to find it here when I checked in on your blog!

i love this idea of shedding the image of who you are, like kali who destroys and creates. i'm in that place of letting go, some things seem harder to let go of, but i like the idea of shedding those old images like snakeskin and being able to move much more freely.

dennis jones

Philo-café in NOLA last week was attended by a most alive and articulate and cheerful friendly gracious and graceful aspirant of limitlessness. So I am here in my hotel near LAX after my “Peace is Possible” conference reading a blog for the first time. My passion consumes most of my time so many experiences like blogging get postponed. But Evelyn is not ordinary so my curiosity has driven me here. When I observe this all too rare love of life, of existence, this aliveness, this wakefulness I crave to learn of the causes and so seek to interview the person but our after-philo-café-conversation at the coffeehouse with two others was as numerous erupting volcanoes with little need for additional sounds from me. So hopefully my path will cross Evelyn’s again one day, meanwhile I will read her blog and offer a comment knowing nothing of the rules of blogging but hoping to learn. I welcome anyone’s tips. I do know that long emails often go unread so I’ll stop here but soon I will post remarks on her March 16th “Flow With The Go” entry.

Dennis Jones New Orleans


"When you flow with the go, greatness cannot elude you".

And when you recognise yourself AS the eternal flow, you cannot escape infinity and limitlessness.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Yes, Rudi.



A most excellent piece, Evelyn. As always.


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